Easter Monday | Short thoughts

Easter Monday | Short thoughts

A year into this pandemic it feels like we are slowly but surely moving towards the (sort of) exit. 90% of my immediate family have had at least 1 dose of COVID vaccination and in the last week, people in England have been allowed garden visits. There are various things that have kept our little house going or entertained over the last 12 months whilst there have been things that have had to happen that have remained odd.

Things that have kept us going

  • Dairy Milk 🍫 – during Lockdown 1 (and as non-drinkers), this was our comfort food of choice
  • Various streaming services, 📺 Sky, Amazon Prime, Apple TV+, Disney & Netflix. (We pay a King’s ransom for TV in our house…. it’s getting daft!)
  • Bake Off/Sewing Bee, Great Pottery Throwdown… 🎂 wholesome and so easy to watch
  • Wanda Vision & the whole Marvel franchise 🦸🏻‍♀️ – only recently ventured in, but enjoying it so far
  • TaskMaster 🥇

Task Master is a few years old now, but I have to give it a very special mention. We decided to try it after Richard Herring was tweeting that he was on Series 10. It was the first series that we had watched and it just so happened to be the 1st one filmed during COVID. We weren’t sure at first but quickly warmed up to it.

In case you haven’t already seen it, it’s 5 comedians (or sometimes funny actors) that are set tasks every week. The tasks are filmed in advanced and shown to us in a studio format once a week. It’s hosted by the Taskmaster Greg Davies and his “assistant” Alex Horne, or “Little Alex Horne” as he is referred to. This is a running joke as whilst Alex Horne is 6ft 2’’ Greg Davies is 6ft 8”! When we have watched the completed tasks, they are awarded points by The Task master. It’s often hilarious!

Once we had watched series 10, we decided to go back and watch it all from the beginning and honestly it’s kept us going. An episode or 2 in the evening has often provided light relief on days when the pandemic has been too worrying or we just weren’t in the mood for a gritty drama. If you haven’t seen it already, I can definitely recommend.

So I hope you are all doing ok, I know some people can’t wait for things open up whilst for others, full on mixing just gives them anxiety. Whichever side you are on, I hope you are ok. Be kind to yourself.

G x

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