Everything is upside down |Blogtober 5

Everything is upside down |Blogtober 5

I do sometimes wonder how this period in history will be remembered 50 years from now and just how many dissertations about BREXIT will be written in the next 10 years! To me it feels like the downward spiral started in 2016, the year in which SO many famous people died, Trump was elected and the UK voted to leave the EU. It somehow has got worse worse week by week with no end in sight.

The last few years has actually taught me a few things about myself, mainly that I am a liberalist who sees good things in diversity and also that I really want us to stay in the EU.

Yes, I voted remain, which does seem to stand at odds with what my local constituency voted, but that doesn’t and should matter to me.

Ok there are a few reasons why I voted to remain and as we know I love a list, so here are the top 3 reasons:

  • I love being part of the European Community and I don’t think being proudly British and part of the EU are mutually exclusive.
  • My sister and her small family have some serious medical issues, and whilst we are still in the EU they would receive free medical care whilst on holiday in Europe. If we leave, especially without a deal, then this would immediately disappear.
  • The backstop. I remember the fighting in Ireland and how long it took to come to The Good Friday Agreement. I am not saying we would go back there, but a hard border is definitely a step in the wrong direction.

I hate the way the politicians are dealing with it all, stood in parliament using age old language, unable to agree on a way forward, despite over 3 years of trying. I hate the way Brexit has become so divisive between ordinary people, each determined that it’s their way or NO way. Social media hasn’t been fun for a while as people add letters to their socials to indicate their Brexit preference. “Remoaners” or “Brexiteers” are just made up terms to fling dirt at one another. I hate it all. No matter what we all voted for in 2016, none of us voted for this mess.

Then of course there is Trump. He continues to be a misogynistic, bombastic leader who seems to listen to no-one. He uses Twitter to feed his ego and as a place to shout dangerous rhetoric. Be maybe there is hope? As I write, he is on the verge of being impeached for trying to blackmail the Ukrainian leader. His election and presidency makes me wonder how America could have got it so wrong.

Having someone with such harsh and right wing opinions in a position of power can never lead anywhere good. Calling yourself a “stable genius” without any sense of irony, along with calls to “Send them home” are now somehow accepted? How is that possible? How do we want this mentality for future generations? How can we ignore such disgusting and immoral behaviour…from a president?!

So here’s the thing. Quite a lot of people aren’t ignoring this behaviour, either of Trump or of people spreading hate right here in the UK. But good, kind and welcoming people don’t make the news. Katy “couldn’t win the Apprentice” Hopkins and Nigel “fuckface” Farage will provide 10 sound bites per hour for literally anyone and their onerous political views will always make news.

But the world is still full of wonderful people who are doing everything they can to make the world a better place. People and organisations that help refugees and who support marginalised groups of people are still going strong and will continue to do so. My town held its first Pride this year and the people standing up for what they believe in have been epic!

So I encourage you to MUTE your social media and turn off the news from time to time if it all gets a bit much and focus on the positive. I try to think that whilst it’s a maelstrom in the world of politics at the moment, it’s quite a period of history to live through. I just hope we come out alive.


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