Finished Work for 2019 | Day in the Life

Finished Work for 2019 | Day in the Life

It’s becoming a little tradition of mine to write a post on my final working day of the year. It’s fair to say that this year has been unique for me in that I have had 3 full time jobs. I started the year working for The Prince’s Trust and it was with a heavy heart that I decided to leave, a very bittersweet decision. I LOVED the people and PT as an employer, but I had more or less done everything I could and it was time to leave.

From there, I went to work for a local NHS trust and this was nowhere near as successful. I have never worked somewhere with such a toxic work environment which meant that after just 8 weeks, I resigned. The rotters made me work an additional 8 weeks, but thankfully I had a lovely new job to go to.

Since July 2019 I have worked for Addaction as a Learning Lead. It’s fair to say my learning curve has been steep and I boy have I travelled around… in the last 6 months I have been to…

DestinationVisit Count

But I am really loving the challenge and being home based is definitely for me!

But it IS the Christmas holiday and however much I am enjoying things, a break is always welcome and more than looked forward to. M and I are off for a full 2 weeks and we can’t wait.

I am always grateful to be gainfully employed and I will never take that for granted.

But for now work and I are are done! Happy Christmas!

G x

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