Flying to Cornwall Pt 1| Blogtober 2

Flying to Cornwall Pt 1| Blogtober 2

Well well well, don’t you know I am totally in Cornwall.. approximately 320 miles away from home. I flew down at the start of the week in an effort to keep travelling time to a minimum. This didn’t quite work out as planned though as my plane was delayed and in the end I left home at 7:30am and arrived in Truro at about 14:00. But the flight was just around an hour and I have to say that if this ran on time, then it would save me LOADS of time in the future.

I am staying at a guest house in Truro, but I am not sure I will stay here again despite the fact that it’s lovely and clean, it has a comfy bed and good wifi! The cold fact is, it’s at the top of a MASSIVE HILL which I have to walk down to to get into Truro town centre and more importantly walk BACK UP at the end of the day! There are no “corner shops” locally and everything is basically down the massive hill.

I know this might make sound like a right lazy sod, but thinking practically, it’s currently the beginning of October and it goes dark around 19:30, but the next time I am coming back it will be November and it will be dark closer to 19:00, if not earlier. I really don’t fancy traipsing up and down the hill in the dark in potentially rubbish weather!

Also, the welcome at the hotel was a little too intense for someone that had been awake since 5am…. The lady that welcomed me showed me every, single, detail of my room and the dining area within the hotel. Her explanations included:

  • How to turn my key in the hotel room door
  • How to lock the door (despite there being a sign on the door with instructions)
  • What was in each cupboard
  • Where the bathroom was
  • Where the hairdryer was
  • How to turn the TV on
  • How to get BBC1 (press 1 on the remote in case you were wondering)
  • How to make toast in the toaster
  • What the drinks machine made, by reading out each label
  • Where the milk was (in the fridge)
  • Where every single landmark was in Truro that she could remember.

I have to say, it’s the closest my internal “FFS” has come to actually coming out of my mouth!

I am actually down here for work as I have been visiting staff that I am responsible for training as I don’t know the area at all. So far I have visited Truro and Liskeard and they have both been beautiful. But as a total foodie, I have to show you the unexpectedly delicious dinner that I had last night at a small gastro pub near to my hotel…

Pulled pork with hoisin sauce, sweet potato mash and Bok choi. All made Dairy Free for me!

So that’s Day 2 of Blogtober! Come back tomorrow for more Cornwall Advetures!

Gill x

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