Flying to Cornwall Part 2 | Blogtober 3

Flying to Cornwall Part 2 | Blogtober 3

After a great day in Liskeard, I spend my penultimate day in Truro in the morning and then Penzance in the afternoon. One my my colleagues from Truro offered me a lift to Penzance and I was very surprised to find my carriage to be no less than a Jaguar! Albeit an old, slightly filthy one, but lovely nonetheless. I can sometimes get a bit anxious getting lifts from people I don’t know too well for various reasons, so what I do to distract myself is chat incessantly!!

Thankfully, the chap who was giving me a lift was very chatty and so I happily learned a little of his life history and even chatted about brexit a little. Who knew a calm discussion could be had about recent political and world events??!

But when we reached Penzance it was really very pretty. Yet again, it was quite hilly, but the Jag made light of all the ups and downs. When our meetings were finished, I had a little time near the marina to take a look at the sea. I realised that this work trip was ticking off a few firsts for me

  • Flying for Work ✅
  • Seeing a marina whilst on a work trip ✅

I was about to put “seeing the Sea whilst on a work tip”, but actually I used to look after a Prince’s Trust team in Blackpool, so that particular duck was broken a while ago… 🐥

On the way back I started to feel a bit bleurgh, which was awful as the 4:45pm train from Penzance to Truro was packed…. erm no actually there were about 8 people in my carriage, which seated perhaps 40. Very very different to commuter trains coming in and out of Liverpool or Manchester which are regularly at double capacity! But yes, I did start to feel a bit scratchy throated and by the time I got back to my hotel, I felt so rubbish that I just got into bed and fell asleep.

I had a horrible night coughing and when I woke up I had a full on head cold. I felt rotten. So I cancelled my appointments and worked on my laptop in the hotel, counting down the hours till I was back at home. There wasn’t a shop near my hotel, so I was hoping to get some cold medicine at Newquay airport. Alas, there wasn’t a shop at the Airport either and so I just felt rougher and rougher as the day went on.

Newquay Airport

Luckily the flight wasn’t delayed and we took off at 12:10pm in Newquay and landed in Manchester at 13:00. I was home by 14:00 and I was shattered beyond belief.

But I DID have a good trip and all the colleagues I met in Cornwall were generous and kind to me during my stay. I was dead nervous to go as I knew it would SO many new experiences, but I think I surfed them all quite well and I’m proud of myself!

The funniest thing to me was to constantly explain where I lived as most people just thought I was basically Peter Kay. I guess my accent to them is just “northerner”. Oddly, I think my mum would have quite liked that!

G x

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