Foot Peel Masks – Do they work? | Lifestyle

Foot Peel Masks – Do they work? | Lifestyle

Disclaimer: If you scroll further down this post, you are going to see pictures of my feet and it gets a bit gross. So do a quick scroll past if this isn’t your thing.

As I’ve talked about before, I am very susceptible to Instagram adverts. So I guess it’s no surprise to hear that I bought these foot peels after seeing lots of ‘orrible Instagram posts….

I actually bought my masks from Amazon here:

and the basic instructions were this:

  • Wash and dry your feet
  • Put the booties on and leave them for 60 minutes.
  • Wash with soap and water
  • For best results soak feet in warm water every night for 10 minutes
  • Feet will start to peel 3-7 days after application

So I thought, “Why not?!”. So last Sunday night, I washed my feet and sat on the bed for an hour with a pair of plastic boots on. The boots came sealed as they contain a liquid/gel substance and I had to cut the tops off to put my foot in. Once the hour was up, I washed off the gunk, noticing in a slightly worried way, that it had melted my nail polish off. OK then.

I have to say I was very dubious and after a few days, when my feel looked exactly as they always do, I just laughed as I thought I had wasted my money. However, as I got ready for bed on Thursday night I took my socks off to find that my foot had indeed had started to crack and peel.

I rubbed my feet a little but only small pieces of skin came off, so I went to bed still a little disappointed. However the following morning, when I checked my feet, I was horrified to see that they were basically rotting!!! Ok, I am being dramatic, but the bottom of my feet were half on and half off and I had no choice but to soak to try and get rid of some of the dead skin…

Yes, I know this is gross, and it did take me a good 30 minutes to make my feet look less like they belonged to an 80 year old deep sea diver, and eventually, this is the result

So was it worth it? Honestly no. The bottom of my feet did peel, but in what that meant that I had to do some serious intervention to deal with the literal fall out. The skin came off in small, unsatisfying pieces and the whole thing was just a faff.

I think my money would have been much better spent getting a pedicure. So it’s a massive 👎👎👎 from me. Just. too. gross.

G x

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