Frazzled by Ruby Wax | Review

Frazzled by Ruby Wax | Review

On a warm Thursday night, M and I went to see the famed American comedian, loved by many, especially people my own age who first remember her in Girls on Top! (Go on, google it, I’ll wait).

ANYWAY, Ruby is the self-proclaimed poster girl for Mental Health, after Comic Relief asked to use a photo of her that subsequently ended up all over the Tube!

We booked to go and see her as due to me working for a Youth Charity, I have an interest in mental health and also I have always thought Ruby was an enigma. Tickets booked, off we go.

The event was at Pyramid & Parr Hall in Warrington and we parked on Golden Square Car Park. (Top Tip, GSCP is open nightly till midnight and is free from 4pm onwards on a Thursday!). We had fairly good seats near the front in the stalls.

The first half of Ruby’s show was her basically interviewing herself and talking to us a little about her own depression and then some thought about mindfulness. It was all very interesting and in case you are wondering if Ruby has ANY clue what she is talking about, she got a Masters not too long ago from Oxford in CBT and Mindfulness.

I found Ruby’s delivery a little chaotic and I sometimes wondered if she had just lost her “place” in the show sometimes. However, this got better as time went on and it has to be set, the whole thing was funny from start to finish. I won’t spoil it for you, but she tells a joke about Melania Trump that is the funniest thing I’ve heard this year!


The second half is Q&A, which I have to be honest, isn’t my thing. When we went to Ant Middleton, people had filled in questions on cards on their way in and Ant (or Ant’s team) had chosen some for him to answer in the Q&A section. This made it entertaining and Ant could answer questions that had a theme. Ruby just took questions cold from the audience, it didn’t go well.

I felt that a couple of people who asked the questions just wanted to let Ruby know that they knew about mental health too. The people at Parr Hall weren’t very organised with the microphones, so every time a person was selected, it took a little too long to get the actual question. But the thing that made is awkward in the extreme was that one poor man stood up to share his own mental health struggles and without breaking the confidence of the room, they were pretty traumatic. Ruby tried to re-assure him, effectively asking him not to share more, but rather go and see her backstage after the show. However, the man was overwhelmed and it took Ruby several attempts to stop him further sharing some inappropriate and personal details with a few hundred audience members.

Then finally, the last “question” was someone who just wanted to ask Ruby to visit a local charity. 😳

But I did actually really enjoy Ruby’s show, a unique touch were the scented cards on everyone’s seat which we used in a section of practicing mindfulness. So glad we went, 7/10.

G x


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