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So it seems that Video Call Quizzes have become a real thing whilst we are all confined to our houses and in my house, we have hosted 4 so far.

So just in case, you were looking for new quiz questions or rounds, I thought I would share the ones we have been using. Hope you enjoy and happy Quizzing!

Quiz 1 – Easter Lockdown Quiz

Round 1  – General Knowledge

You can download the question sheet from here: Easter Quiz 2020

  1. Which veteran actress links Queen Victoria and James Bond (Judi Dench)
  2. In technology, what does the abbreviation VCR stand for? (Video Cassette Recorder)
  3. Which poet described a Host of Golden Daffodils (William Wordsworth)
  4. What is the city-state called where the Pope lives? (Vatican City)
  5. What colour do you get, if you mix together Pink and Blue? (Purple)
  6. Whereabouts on your body are your Molars? (Your mouth)
  7. Who was the 1st man on the moon? (Neil Armstrong)
  8. Who is the current 1st lady in America (Melania Trump)
  9. During World War II  there was an American Airbase in the North West of England. Where was it? (Burtonwood)
  10. What nationality is Pop Sensation Justin Bieber? (Canadian)

Round 2 – Famous Faces 

Send images of the following people and the players have to put them in Age order. 

  1. Beyonce (38)
  2. Phillip Schofield (58)
  3. Oprah (66)
  4. Billy Connolly (77)
  5. The Queen (93)

Round 3 – Split into 2 

For quiz teams with anyone under 70 in their team 

Treasure Hunt

  1. Find something purple.
  2. Find something that is older than the youngest person in your team. 
  3. Find something sparkly. 
  4. Find something with the number 1 on it. 
  5. Find something that you didn’t have before lockdown. 

Round 3 – For the over 70s – The 1970s 

  1. In 1972, which swimmer won 7 gold medals at the Munich Olympics? (Mark Spitz)
  2. Who was Astronaut Steve Austin also known as (The Bionic Man/The Six Million Dollar Man)
  3. Which Swedish pop group won the Eurovision Song Contest in 1974? (ABBA)
  4. Why was Evil Knievel made famous in the 1970s (American Stuntrider)
  5. What year did Elvis Die? (1977)

Round 4 – Connect the Answers 

This round has 5 questions and each of the answers is linked together by a common theme. Answer all the questions correctly and then guess the theme. 

  1. What do you call it when you wrap up wool? (Ball)
  2. Another word for when someone is making a lot of noise (Racket)
  3. Something  you might do when you greet a King or Queen ( Bow)
  4. Which animal uses sonar to navigate (Bat)
  5. What is a shortened version of the word Internet? (Net)

Theme  – Things you use to play sport. 

Round 5  – What are these Nursery Rhymes? 

  1. HDSOAW (Humpty Dumpty Sat on a Wall)
  2. TBM (Three Blind Mice)
  3. TGODOY (The Grand Old Duke of  York)
  4. HDD (Hickory Dickory Dock)
  5. JAGWUTH (Jack and Gill went up the Hill)

Quiz 2 – Lockdown Quiz

You can download the Quiz Sheet from here: Lockdown Quiz

Everyone will need a piece of paper and a pen. 

  • There are 5 rounds. 
  • 1 x Picture and People Round (5 pts)
  • 1 x General Knowledge Round (10 pts)
  • 1 x specialist subject round (5 pts)
  • 1 x Picture and Places (5 points)
  • 25 points max. 

Round 1 – Picture Quiz 

WhatsApp 5 x pictures to everyone, one at a time. 

  1. Ed Sheeran
  2. Mo Farah
  3. Claudia Winkleman
  4. Ed Sheeran
  5. Michelle Obama

Google a relevant picture and save them on your phone. Give the answers at the end of the round. 

Round 2 – General Knowledge 

(Ask these questions directly and give answers at the end of the round)

  1. How many sides does an Octagon have? (8)
  2. What is the capital of Wales? (Cardiff)
  3. What is Focaccia? (A Type of Bread)
  4. Which football team plays at Carrow Road? (Norwich City)
  5. In which city in America are the Bellagio and the MGM Grand? (Las Vegas)
  6. Which TV programme featured the cafe, Central Perk? (Friends)
  7. In Snooker, how many points is the black ball worth? (7)
  8. What is the French word for Bread? (Pain)
  9. In 10-pin bowling, what is it called when you knock all 10 pins down? (A Strike)
  10. Who is the Prime Minister of Canada? (Justin Trudeau) 

Round 3 – Specialist Subject 

If your quiz participants are in teams, you can ask each team to pick a relevant specialist subject. If they aren’t, you can ask for people to vote on which subject they want the next 5 questions to be on. 

  • Social Media
  • Fishing 
  • Sport
  • Retail 
  • Pot Luck 

Social Media Questions 

  1. Which social media platform has a white ghost as it’s the logo? (Snapchat)
  2. On which social media platform are you limited to 280 characters? (Twitter)
  3. Which social media platform is the movie “The Social Network” about? (Facebook)
  4. Which social media star competed in Strictly Come Dancing in 2018? (Joe Sugg)
  5. Which YouTuber has the most subscribers? (PewDePie)

Sport Questions 

  1. What city should have hosted the Summer 2020 Olympics? (Tokyo)
  2. What is a Birdie in Golf (-1 par)
  3. What sport is Michael Bisping known for? (MMA)
  4. In which sport do teams compete for the Stanley Cup? (Ice Hockey)
  5. In which race does Bechers Brook appear? (The Grand National)

Fishing Questions 

  1. Can you identify this fish (to be WhatsApp), Rainbow, Trout
  2. What is a reel used for in fishing? (Stowing Fishing Wire)
  3. Which Angler presents the Tv Programme “Total Fishing” (Matt Hayes)
  4. What is the name of the industry magazine that is popular with people that like to fish? (The Angling Times)
  5. In Fly Fishing, what is used as bait to catch a fish? (An artificial lure/ fly)

Retail Questions 

  1. In retail, what is a BOGOF deal? (Buy one get one free)
  2. Which retailer is TK in the UK and TJ in the US? (Tk/TJ Maxx)
  3. Which online retailer was started by Jeff Bezos? (Amazon)
  4. What is the name of the Shopping Mall in Sheffield, which is similar to The Trafford Centre? (Meadowhall)
  5. For Jennifer’s 30th birthday, Gill got her a handbag. Which city was she shopping in when she bought it? (New York)

Pot Luck  – Goodies & Baddies

  1. Which planet is Dr Who from? (Gallifrey)
  2. In the James Bond Films, which animals were the villains traditionally pictured stroking? (A Cat)
  3. In the Marvel comics, what is Thor’s nasty brother called (Loki)
  4. In the Wizard of Oz, where was the witch from that wanted to steal Dorothy’s Ruby slippers? (The West)
  5. Who was Superman’s alter ego? (Clark Kent)

Final Round – Pictures and Places 

Name the following places

  • Wembley Stadium 
  • The Liver Buildings, Liverpool
  • The Eiffel Tower
  • The Houses of Parliament 
  • The Statue in Mesnes Park, Wigan (Sir Francis Powell)

Google a relevant picture and save them on your phone. Give the answers at the end of the round

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