Funny mood

Funny mood

So this blog sometimes records where I have been or what I have achieved and sometimes it just records how I am feeling. At the moment I am in a really funny mood – time for a life update.

As you know, I work for the Prince’s Trust, which is a youth charity and essentially provides support and educational programmes for young people. As such, the programme I work on is structured around an academic year and August is subsequently VERY quiet and for me, which means that means that I don’t have regular work to do, but lots of end of year stuff and report writing.

I do have an office base, but I work from home a lot too, as the Teams that I look after are much closer to home than office, which means even though I WFH lots, I also see lots of people. During August this shifts as I have huge reports to write and things to organise which means I am on my own a lot more and I have to be honest, it’s got a bit lonely. Also, this August has been particularly odd as I am waiting to start a new job.

As I mentioned when talking about getting a new dog, I applied for a secondment at work and was lucky enough to be offered it. However, things haven’t moved quickly and even though I applied in May, I am only starting mid-October. So I am kind of just waiting to change roles and feeling in a very funny mood about it. I haven’t left my current role, but I can already feel it sort of slipping away. I haven’t started my new role, but people are already asking me very specific questions about it – that I can’t answer. *sighs*

OK OK, I know I shouldn’t be whining, I am lucky enough to have a job and the new secondment role is a promotion, but I can’t help the fact I am in a funny mood. My new role means some extensive travelling in the UK and lots of nights away from home, which I don’t mind, but I don’t quite know where I will be and the lack of knowledge makes it feel out of my control – and no-one like that. Even though I “do: change all the time, I don’t like it and it takes me a while to get used to things… so not knowing where (geographically) I am going to be working from October till Christmas, it’s stressing me out a bit. (p.s. if you have got this far, well done and thanks).

Also, I am thinking of having a social media break as even though I have unfollowed lots of people over the last few weeks, I am still finding Twitter & things quite tiring. I don’t even want to get into how f8cked up it is that Donald Trump seems to be masterminding one bad idea after another. These days too, people seem to be constantly of the opinion that their opinion is the only one that counts and they also feel the need to express their opinion fervently and object to everything and everyone.


Person 1: I really like pink flowers.

Person 2: Oh really, well what about the other flowers? How dare you leave them out?!

Person 1: Oh I like the other flowers too, but pink are my favourite.

Person 2: Oh really, well colour is all relative and invented by the government and I bet you didn’t pay for the flowers yourself! I think you should donate the flowers.

Person 3: FLOWERS?!?!? Oh are you GAY!!!!!!!! You *&(*& Gay  &(&(&(*& snowflake!!!!

So I think that I might just quietly withdraw for a while and as M and I have a small holiday and some annual leave coming up, I think this might just be the perfect time. Swop screen time, for face time – in fact, more tree, grass, windy path, hot tub, comfy bed, lie in, nice food & cuddles time. Roll on Friday.

Gill x

p.s. I am not really going to apologise for moaning, which would be my natural inclination – today is a very real blog about very real feelings. Not everything is perfect.




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