Getting a Dog: Update!

Getting a Dog: Update!

I blogged last week that we had decided to get another dog. One of the criteria for whether or not we would get a dog in September or next year, was whether or not I got offered a new job at work….

Well the bittersweet news is that I DID get offered the job and so we are going to get a dog in the Spring of 2018. Whilst I am really pleased about being promoted and excited to start something new, I am also disappointed that a doggo won’t be joining our family for a while yet. Quite a few people have been asking what type of dog we would like and the honest answer is we aren’t sure. Our lovely neighbours have just got a puppy, who is the cutest thing alive, but I am not sure we want a puppy and whilst reputable dog breeders are great, I think we are leaning towards getting a rescue dog.

I just love the idea of giving an abandoned dog a home and we just have to hope that we find a pupster that isn’t as high maintenance as Peggy was! If anything, I would like a dog that is not a handbag dog, but not taller than me and a non-shedding dog would be ideal. But I have a sneaky feeling I will go to the rescue centre and just fall in love.

Here’s hoping.

G x

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