Getting back to normal

Getting back to normal

Ok so you are thinking ”getting back to normal” is a title that is a good few months out of date if it’s about Covid as restrictions were lifted in July and it’s October. But here’s the thing…. I have forgotten what normal is. Lots of people went immediately speeding out of the door the the second we were allowed, but for me and my little family it’s take a lot longer to feel comfortable.

As we stand, I am double vaccinated and M had just had his booster, so is triple vaccinated and we have slowly but surely started to go out again. We still try to avoid anywhere with a crowd, but have felt comfortable eating out and shopping in our local area, I have been going swimming regularly and we went to Keswick for a week in September and felt fine. We still wear masks indoors and don’t mind too much that as time goes on, we appear to be in the minority. I definitely am not jumpy any more about coming close to people and I do lateral flow tests regularly to make sure I am keeping safe.

Keswick in particular one of the highlights of the year so far with us staying right in the centre of Keswick and us being more active in one week that we had been all year. We had a bizarre day though were it was a comedy of errors, in that everything we tried to do was scuppered… let me explain.

I have a bit of a fear of going on boats, this is mainly because I am worried about motion sickness, but I decided that I wanted to go on the ferry from Keswick to Lodore Falls. So one day we walked down to the jetty with me psyching myself up, only to find that the boats were only doing round trips (COVID) and not stopping at Lodore. Fail number 1.

So we decided to got and get in the car and drive over to Lodore instead. We parked at the nearby hotel and walked to see the waterfall, lovely. Afterwards we decided to see if we could sit outside the front of the hotel and have lunch. There was a sign up at the entrance that said ”residents only”…. but we chanced our arm and went in anyway. We asked the person behind the bar if we could order some lunch if we sat outside and she told us that they weren’t doing food. Fail number 2. They did let us order some drinks, so at least that was something.

Whilst we were there we discussed how lovely the location and hotel seemed to be and we looked online at the rooms as in February its our 10th wedding anniversary. Almost on impulse we decided to go in and book 2 nights as an anniversary present to ourselves. But the person on reception told us that he couldn’t take bookings for rooms on reception and we would have to do it online. Fail number 3. Also, I couldn’t believe that a hotel reception couldn’t take a booking….. WTF! (We did book somewhere else, but more on that in another blog)

The finally, later that evening we decided to go and see the sun set. The information book in our cottage told us there was a beautiful view from Friar’s Cragg, which was about 10 minute walk – so off we set. But it turns out that not only had another 10-15 people had the same idea and so on arrival it was not quite as peaceful and idyllic as we imagined 😔 Also, because of the fells, the sun was already out of sight! Fail number 4. We did find a nice bench though further down and sat to watch the lake for a while – so not a total fail.

But overall we are getting there and I am just looking forward to a time when COVID isn’t a topic of conversation… aren’t you?

G x

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