Gift ideas for Mother’s Day

Gift ideas for Mother’s Day

I work in an office with a few young dad’s and after listening to their conversations last week it seems that a few of them had been caught out on their first Mother’s Day. What I mean exactly, is that the first Mother’s Day they encountered after their very first baby was born  –  was a near total disaster!

It turns out that both my colleagues either forgot it was Mother’s Day or it never occurred to them that they would have to get a present for their partner! Oh how wrong they were.

One of my colleagues has particularly learned his lesson from the first year as he was canvassing our office for ideas and getting his preparation in early. Good man – 10 points to him. So I started to think – I am pretty good at ideas for presents and so I thought I would share 5 that I came up with:

Afternoon Tea

I really don’t think you can go wrong with a lovely afternoon tea! There are so many places that offer afternoon tea these days that they aren’t limited to country house hotels. In fact our lovely local cafe ChouxChouxbedo offers a lovely one as well as Bents Garden and Home. They usually cost somewhere between £15-£30 per person and they are a real indulgence a fab way to spend an afternoon.

Afternoon Tea at The Grosvenor in Chester. (for M’s birthday)

Spa Day

So, I have to be honest and say that I bloody LOVE a Spa day. You can find them a dedicated Spa retreat or within a Spa Hotel. These are a little more expensive as they include a treatment of some sort (usually something like a facial or massage) but they can include a jacuzzi AND a swim AND a fluffy bath robe AND even a champagne lunch!  A spa day can cost anything from £40-£100 per person.

A Lie in

So don’t underestimate this one. Most new mums, or let’s face it, mum’s of any kind have LONG forgotten what a lie in it. So why not give them one? Get up early and take the baby/child/dog/toys etc etc out and about and let the mum in your house have a long, luxurious lie in. Even if she wakes up early, she can just stay in bed with her book, brew and whatever she likes really and not have to do anything. I think some mum’s would argue, that this is what they crave more than anything.

A Hobby Gift

So this one is a little harder to be specific about as there are SO many possibilities! However, some mum’s have told me that they LOVE being a mum, but sometimes it’s easy to forget who THEY are besides being a mum. Most people have a hobby or something that they are interested in, even if their main interest is a good old box set. But I am sure there is something that you could get the mum in your life that would be just for her. Just for her hobby. And if her hobby is a good box set, buy her one, get her an iTunes voucher, If she has always wanted to learn the guitar, buy her a lesson.

Although a slight word of warning, my dad once bought my mum 3 dusters in a pack as they were only a £1. Cleaning is not a hobby and my mum threw them right back at him.


I know, I know, this is a cliché beyond belief, but it’s a cliché for a reason. I think for Mother’s Day a piece of delicate jewellery can be a beautiful way to cherish a mum. Don’t get me wrong, I have NEVER been a fan of the “mum” rings, but a lovely pair of earrings or a locket can really be beautiful.

It’s a NO from me.

 So that’s my 5 idea for Mother’s Day presents… would love to hear if you have anything amazing that you have either received or given.

G x

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