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Welcome to my lovely little blog, so glad you found me. My name is Gill, I am in my early 40s and I live in the North West of England in a small place called Newton-le-Willows. I am from a small family and live with the love of my life, my husband Michael. I generally love life and love exploring the UK with lots of days out and walking in our green and pleasant land.

I also LOVE food which is a blessing and also a curse for my waistline, but I have eaten in some of the most AMAZING restaurants, which was an experience I wouldn’t have swapped for the world.

As for my day job,  I work as a Learning Lead for We Are With You, where I have been since 2019.

I have been blogging in one guise or another since 2009 and vlogging before I even knew it was a thing. I have dipped my toe into YouTube, but mostly just focus on blogging these days.

So please do have a look around and feel free to leave comments and share your thoughts. Although please forgive my proofreading skills – I can be a bit too giddy when writing and don’t have the luxury of an editor!

Anyway, I 💜 making new friends, working with amazing brands or just saying Hi! To get in touch, just email me lysonsgill@gmail.com.

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