Grombre | Life Update

Grombre | Life Update

A while ago, I decided that I’d had enough of colouring my hair, having done it for almost 30 years! (jeez). I had also been inspired by an Instagram account I found called Grombre, which is titled from Grey – Ombre (which is another word for a sort of fade from one colour to another).

I started this journey last year and went to the hairdressers to get some advice about transitioning from fully dye to sparkly silver. All they really did was charge me WAY TOO much money to re-dye my hair a less prominent colour. Waste of time, move on.

But since then I have just been having my hair cut as normal, but not touching the colour and here is how I have got on:

As you can see the sparkly bits are really on the top of my head for now, but I’ve really made progress since September 2018. Every now and then I have a moment of self doubt that it won’t suit me or people might be horrible to me about it, but then I remember the reason why I started and the fact that I actually am looking forward to my natural hair colour coming through.

I also think that there will be a point where I will have cut my hair a little shorter to get rid of the final non-sparkly bits of hair.

Here’s to the growth continuing.

G x

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