Halloween with Friends

So this week has been quite a week in Gilliblogs land, lots of serious events, a fancy lunch, a great night out a walk around the park and even a bit of pumpkin carving. But let’s start at the beginning.

If you have been following me for a little while, you might know I work for the Prince’s Trust, which is the leading UK Youth Charity. We work with some young people with challenging and chaotic backgrounds and this week was full of young people struggling with their issues and making us worry about them. Many frantic phone calls and incident reports. Thankfully everyone is ok.

Then this weekend, I met my lovely friend Karen for lunch at Albert’s Shed in Manchester, I would love to see her more, but she lives in Glossop and so we have to pick our moments.

I got home from lunch about 3pm on Saturday and only had a few hours to get ready for a Halloween Party! I had been invited along by my lovely friend Tilly over at Lavender Lemonade. Her in-laws were celebrating their 35th Wedding Anniversary and were having celebratory fancy dress party! Cool no?!

I had originally planned to go in a Skeleton onesie that I wore last year, but when I tried it on again, I forgot it velcroed at the back and perhaps wasn’t appropriate for wearing outside the house! So instead I went to Asda in Wigan on Friday night and got myself a brilliant ghoulish dress and face paint.

So I have a horrible confession to make, in that after I got ready I TOTALLY forgot to take any photos, but luckily Tilly did….

Don’t we look good! We had a great night dancing and trying desperately not to rub or scratch our makeup off!

Also, I have to say how very lovely it was to be invited. I haven’t really talked about friends that much on this blog, but if you follow me on Twitter or Instagram you might know that my two really good friends live very far away. This at times, has made me feel quite lonely and lacking in close female company. I did used to have a gang of close female friends, but some naturally drifted away, and a couple I fell out with.

I also had a very special best friend, who I will call “S”, who I was best friends with for 11 years. We were like sisters and I loved her. However in 2002 we had a falling out and I did something stupid over which S stopped speaking to me. We didn’t speak for a while and even though we exchanged emails and Christmas Cards, it was never the same. I always wanted to see her face to face to say how sorry I was for what I did and to have lost her as a friend, but it just never happened. This went on for far too long and in 2013 I heard the sad news that she had been diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease (ALS). Remember the ice bucket challenge?

All too soon,  I heard that S became quite unwell quite quickly in that she couldn’t speak or walk and was being cared for by her husband at home. I started to write to her, sometimes letters or moonpig cards, but of course she couldn’t reply and I don’t even know what she thought about me or the cards. On the 11th March 2014, S passed away aged just 45 years old. I was heartbroken. I never got to see her and I never really got to tell her in person how sorry and stupid I was. The whole thing hurt my heart and over the years this has definitely affected my ability to make new friends.

I tend to shy away from making close connections as everything that went on with S made me wary of being anyone’s friend.

So I do have to say a huge thank you to Tilly for inviting me, I know she thinks that I was supporting her, but little does she know, that she was giving me some of my confidence back too. She has shown me that I can be someone’s friend and that maybe all hope isn’t lost.

A great weekend, and of course, in true Halloween style, finished with some Pumpkin carving:

Hope you are having a great Halloween whatever you are doing. Leave me a comment and let me know..
G x

4 thoughts on “Halloween with Friends

  1. I’m so glad you had a good time! I’m so glad I shared the party with you – I’m sure Megan won’t forget our moves for a while yet.

    I’m so glad we (both, in our own ways) took a chance on our friendship! It sounds like we needed it – you know exactly how things went for me when I moved here and I know I would never have gotten through the bad times without you. Friendships do come and go – I’ve had people disagree with life decisions I’ve made and taken a step away from me – and on the flipside, incredibly toxic individuals I’ve had to forcibly move away from for my own good.

    Your situation sounds so tough and I know we’ve spoken about this offline so I won’t get too personal here.

    You are an amazing lady Gill, never forget it!

  2. Firstly thankyou for coming to celebrate our Anniversary without the support of our family an friends we have nothing, im so glad you all had a good time as i was a bit anxious at first thinking not many would come, but thankfully they did, a lot of effort went into making it a wonderful night, I hope that you did not mind me checking you were ok, as i sensed you we a little nervous, as it takes a lot of courage to go to somewhere that you dont really know anybody.
    You are both very lovely people and I can see you both have hearts of gold, keep up the good work you are doing making these blogs lots of love Gail xx

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