Hello 2017

Well I can hardly believe it’s 2017 – I don’t know what it is but time is whizzing by!!! If you haven’t already, why not catch up with my photographic recap of 2016.

I know I should really write a post about my hope for the year ahead, but I really just hope that I have fun. 2016 was the start of wonderful things to come and I still love blogging and vlogging is my guilty pleasure. Not everyone in my life “gets” it but that’s ok.

I think one thing that I regret about 2016 is that I started to take it all too seriously for a little while. What I mean by that, is that for a short while I got really caught up in wanting YouTube views and subscribers and brand deals, which took me away from the joy of blogging. Don’t get me wrong, I would LOVE to get paid to do something I already love, but it shouldn’t be my focus.

I should continue to blog about whatever takes my fancy and not things that I think others might expect. I should continue to enjoy picking up my camera and documenting my life and if I do this, it will never become a chore.

At the grand old age of 42 I must try to learn to love myself a little more – well at least be a bit more confident in my abilities to create good things and be a good friend. I am learning some sort of acceptance – I don’t think I am there yet, but I am enjoying the days leading up to it.

So I hope your 2017 is filled with lovely squishy stuff that tastes delicious, feels soft and fluffy and most of all – makes you laugh until cry.

You are the best.

G x

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