Hello 46, who dis? | Life Update

Hello 46, who dis? | Life Update

Ok so having a birthday in lockdown was definitely different than normal, but actually, it was pretty great.

It started off with a lie in, which is a rarity as our Daisy dog needs drugs at around 7am every day… but just this once, M got up, gave her her medication and came back to bed – we figured she wouldn’t starve if she got her breakfast a couple of hours late!

I mostly asked for donations to Newton Community Fridge for my birthday this year, but M got me some beautiful gifts too! These were some shoes, some gorgeous beauty products AND the most amazing portrait of Daisy Dog – especially commissioned – I am a lucky girl. Even Daisy herself got me an M&S voucher!!

I then came downstairs to a birthday banner and some balloons!! I mean…. 46 or 6 you decide… birthdays in our house are still an EVENT!!!

After a rather standard dog walk, we commenced our 1st birthday activity. Originally I said I wanted to go to the beach, but the weather was rubbish, so we downgraded our beach and sea experience to a trip to Pennington Flash to have a look at the water. Except, when we go there, it was blustery and not really the kind of day for gazing wistfully at the H20. But the car ride and a brief glimpse of something other than our living room was a welcome change.

After this, we had a journey into St Helens to collect some food from one of our favourite eateries, Vigour. We ordered over the phone and collected by arrangement. We wore our masks and gloves and the whole process was stress-free as the floor was clearly marked every 2 metres. We did see quite a few people wearing masks, but unfortunately, most of them were sitting on their chins for some reason?!?!

After that we came home and chilled out – finishing the day with a FaceTime family call to cut my birthday cake – lovingly made by M and complete with cute birthday decorations!!

What a great day…. I was worried it was going to be a bit flat, but I had a wonderful day… thanks to everyone… to my family for the donations and to my husband for giving me the best lockdown birthday possible.

G x

p.s. I don’t really have many photos of my birthday, I just spent the time enjoying it.

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