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13th May 2017*

So it’s the Saturday after I joined Weight Watchers and today I went to Matalan to get some new clothes as some of my t-shirts are either a little small or totally worn out.

I bought lots of things, t-shirts, pants (trousers), and a dress, I even tried a denim jacket on in the shop, but thing is, the whole size thing is a bit of a lottery.

Pink T-Shirt
I bought this pink T-shirt in a size that I have other tops in, it fit me but was too clingy for me, similar t-shirt next size up fine.

I bought a pair of green trousers, got them on, too tight on legs, REJECTED. Bought a pair of very patterned trousers, good fit on legs, too big around the waist. Both the exact same size?!

Got a dress a size up from what I think (want) to be and it was a great fit, quite loose, but I like that.

It’s so hard to know what size to get, I am short and my proportions reflect that. Buying clothes can be a real chore for me and I don’t love it. Even at a much smaller size, I still struggled as I am one size on the top and a different size on the bottom. I can’t tell you how many times I have considered taking up dress making so that my clothes would fit like a glove. There are stores for tall girls, Long Tall Sally etc, but nothing for shorties. OK before you shout, I KNOW loads of shops do petite ranges, but they rarely go up to a size I need.

My best options for clothes, if you are ever looking for good plus size clothing are:

There are lots of other brands I am sure I haven’t stumbled upon, so I would LOVE it if you could comment with your recommendations.

G x

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