I voted

I voted

What a mad day.. I’ve been to Hyde, I’ve written a nomination form so one of my teams of young people at work can be put forward for an award. I’ve voted in the general election and now I am watching T2, which is the sequel to the 90s hit Trainspotting.

I have seen nothing today on social media except people urging other people to vote. It’s funny, but whether we mean to or not, we filter who we connect with on social media so that we only see and are “friends” with people that we like or have the same ideologies as. So even with  this knowledge, it still surprises me that during voting date, every single person on my feeds are not only saying VOTE very loudly but are also saying Vote Labour.

I don’t mind telling you, this is how I voted as it seemed like the only option. I don’t always vote Labour, I can swing – but really only as far as the Lib Dems or Greens. Something would have to have gone seriously wrong for me to vote Conservative. Also, where I live, they could put up Sponge Bob as a Labour Candidate and people would still vote for him.

But what a day – let perhaps hope that a change is made today and that for the 1st time in about 18 months, something positive happens in politics.

Bring it on.

G x



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