I’m turning 43 tomorrow!

Age is definitely just a number for me, I really couldn’t care what number I arrive at year after year, birthday are ace. I just LOVE LOVE LOVE birthdays actually, I mean what’s not to like??? Cake, parties and pressies – win, win, win.

There is a definite divide between the way I treat birthdays and the way other people treat birthdays, but I am here to say that I chose joy! I love the fact that I am another year older and don’t feel intimidated at all by the bigger birthdays. Bring it on I say.

I work with people and there are even people in my family that don’t love getting older and even some that don’t love birthdays. I bet there are even a few that HATE birthdays, but that’s totally their choice.

I chose to embrace getting older and birthdays and every year I am lucky that I get to share my special day with my wonderful husband. Luckily, he shares my love of celebration and we always “do” birthdays as big as possible and with as much festivity as possible. He really is the sweetest man alive.

So this year we are spending the day together and then in the evening, the family are coming over for a BBQ. The weather forecast however is a rainy one, so maybe the BBQ will be indoor, but it doesn’t matter. A day off work spent with Michael Keith Lysons is the best present ever. I am a very lucky girl.


G x



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