Is it really only 4+ weeks to Christmas? | Life Update

Is it really only 4+ weeks to Christmas? | Life Update

How does Christmas creep up on me each year? It’s not like it moves dates OR the world ignores it.. but I feel like we have seriously fast tracked our way through Autumn and all off a sudden Mariah Carey is out of the deep freeze and sleigh bells are ringing!

I have been away on an off for the last few weeks and have 2 more trips to Cornwall before I can declare work done for the year. We live in the North West of England and Cornwall is right at the other end of the country. As I work for a charity, I have to try and pick the most cost effective ways of getting around. So it turns out, that It’s cheaper and FAR less time to fly to Newquay from Manchester than get the train.

FromToMethodCostTime (approx)Notes
Warrington Bank Quay StationTruroTrain£1807 hours 3 x Trains
Manchester AiportNewquay AirportPlane£96 (cabin bags)
£134 (hold luggage)
4 hours
(the flight is 1 hour)
This includes transfer to and from the airports and waiting time

I have got used to being away from home, but it’s not my favourite. There is nothing like your own bed and I am not a natural traveller. I never realise it whilst I am away, but I am always exhausted when I get back! This last time, I got back and I had been home about 45 minutes, M was making my tea and he came in to ask me something and I was already falling asleep — it was 7pm! I managed to eat my food and I fell asleep again for 20 minutes at 8pm and then I finally went to bed just before 10pm 😴 I think it’s just the relief of being home, in that I can finally relax.

When I tell people I am flying to Cornwall, people always gasp and express their jealousy. They forget that I am definitely NOT on holiday, but what I am, is a person, on their own in a town that closes at 5pm (like most small towns) and I am there for work, which means my day is Hotel>Work>Hotel on repeat.

At this time of year, it’s dark by 5pm and whilst I am sure the people of Truro are lovely, I still don’t feel comfortable walking the streets by myself at night. You see, not quite as glamorous as you might think…

Being away this year means that I am going to miss out on a few social events and the 1st one I’ve had to say no to, is volunteering on the Rotary Christmas float, which I did for the 1st time last year. In case you aren’t familiar, it’s a float that is driven around the local area with Father Christmas on it. People can make a small voluntary donation and the funds raised are then passed out to local good causes. It was SUCH a good thing to be involved in last year, so I was gutted to find out I couldn’t take part this year.

But despite the being away far too much, I am really enjoying my job. I have learned so much cool stuff and the team I am working with are ace. I still do miss The Prince’s Trust gang, but inevitably, they are little further away in my rear view mirror. But a positive of social media is that I see their antics online from time to time, which always makes me smile.

So anyway, it’s just over 4 weeks to Christmas and as usual, I am really looking forward to the break. Are you looking forward to it? Is Christmas your thing?

G x

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