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Of course, when we adopted Daisy, we had no history, we knew she was originally from Romania and came to the UK via Manchester and Cheshire dogs home. We were told Daisy was 7 1/2. We had no other history and as we had adopted our previous dog Peggy under similar circumstances, we weren’t too worried.

We had Daisy just about 8 months before she started to become unwell and now we’ve had her 18 months, we have been to the vets WAY more times that we had bargained for.

Her health took a turn about a month ago and WOW it has been really tough to go through the worry, especially through the lockdown. We’ve been backwards and forwards to the vets, had test after test, various strength of medication BUT I think we are finally at a stable place.

Daisy has stopped howling for the most part, yes the most silent, quiet and unassuming dog started howling. At first, we thought it was separation anxiety, due to the fact that we currently are always together and so when we went to our office on Monday morning (2 floors up from her) she would spend the morning howling. But then she howled when we were with her… we couldn’t work it out. Turns out she had high blood pressure, which the vet thought could be giving her a headache 😩

Actually, now might be a good time for a list of what she’s currently got going on:

  • Blind
  • High Blood Pressure (2 x tablets a day)
  • Thyroid Issues (1 x a day)
  • Cushing’s Disease (2 x tablets a day)
  • Osteoarthritis (2 x tablets a day)

She’s on 7 tablets a day and is limited to very short walks during the day – no longer than 15-20 minutes. This was quite an adjustment for us as we slowly realised that Daisy is basically a poorly old lady who the vet thinks is at least 12 (not 9 which is what we thought).

She’s not a pupper that is ever really going to have any adventures with us. No long walks, no big beach scrambles, in fact, Daisy can’t go much further than 1/2 mile without the risk of hurting her little legs. If we try to walk her further than that, she starts to slow right down and then at home, she literally yelps in pain OR she shakes her legs when she tried to walk or put weight on them. That would be the arthritis then…

But after all the vets visits and various additions and trials of medication, she seems to have stabilised. She’s enjoying the short walks a bit more and definitely seems brighter in herself. Thank god for that.

We had a rough old time there for a while and all 3 of us got a bit fed up. Things have improved though and we are managing Daisy’s symptoms and we are just dealing with the fact that she regularly pees in the house – washable pee pads for the win!

But what a sweetheart Daisy is… despite everything, just an utter joy..

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