It’s a weird time

So unless you have been living in Fantasy Island, then you will know that right now is a bit of weird time. Everything feels unsettled and wrong to me and I am not sure what to think about some things. The UK are going to Brexit and I have no idea when this will happen exactly and what this means for our future as a country and then of course there is Donald Trump.

The one thing that stands out if that both these thing seem to be stirring up a load of hate and whatever harmony existed is slowly being eroded. The banning of muslims doesn’t solve a single thing and the building of a wall is just childish. These thought processes of exclusion are archaic and I thought we were finally moving away from such horrible ways.

I therefore am going to concentrate on fun things and focus on myblog and things that entertain me. I do believe that in times of crisis, laughter and distraction are SO important. So that’s what I hope to do, for me and hopefully you for if you are having a read…

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Let’s all hug each other closer… are all human.

G x

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