It’s ma birthday!! | Coronavirus

Yes it’s true, today is my 46th birthday… aren’t I lucky. I am sure anyone and everyone that experienced a birthday or similar special occasion will remember this years event as an unusual one.

Lockdown has certainly has it’s up and downs, but one amazing thing that happened in my local community is that people bandied together and did some AMAZING things to support their friends and neighbours.

So for my birthday I would like to support one such amazing band of people, namely Newton Community Fridge. This is exactly what you think it might be;

No Questions. No Judgement. Nobody Should Be Hungry

Newton Community Fridge

So I know this is super cheeky of me, but if you have a spare £ then please consider donating, if not then please consider sharing this post so other people know about the amazing community fridge.

So this is me….46 and whilst i’ve hated the lockdown, I am still here safe because of it.

Happy Monday everyone! and thanks…

Gill xxxx

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