JDRF Fun Run | Wythenshawe Park, Manchester

Today was a brilliant day as we went to see our nieces run in a JDRF Fun run in Manchester. Early in 2016 and at just 6 years old, our youngest niece was diagnosed as a Type 1 Diabetic.

Tilly though, is a warrior. She is reliant on Insulin injections throughout the day and she doesn’t even turn a hair. She goes to acrobatics and as a kid, is like Tigger on a daily basis. I hadn’t even heard of JDRF until Tilly was diagnosed, but it does sound like a fab charity. Today’s run had obstacle courses and a fantastic section at the end where the participants had to run through people squirting coloured chalk at them and to be honest, I think that was most people’s favourite bit!

So you see, having Diabetes hasn’t stopped Tilly and I don’t think it ever will. We love you Tilly!!



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