Lactose Intolerance: Be Careful what you order

Lactose Intolerance: Be Careful what you order

I have to say, I have been doing pretty well over the last few months and finding out I was Lactose Intolerant has been a sort of blessing.

In the recent past we have been away to both Anglesey and Edinburgh and I wasn’t ill on either trip. I fully avoided dairy and I fully avoided being ill. Result. However, I have had one occasion where eating out didn’t go quite as well.

I went to a local Chef & Brewer and ordered the Vegan dessert of chocolate torte with a gorgeous date base and vegan coconut ice cream. I had this ages ago when I went to the same place with my friend, so I was confident all would be well. The dessert came and I noticed straight away that it looked different than the previous time in that it was served in a bowl instead of a plate and the sauce was pooled rather than drizzled. But hey ho, no biggie right? I took a bite of the torte, which was truly delicious and I was a happy girl. I took a bite of the coconut ice, but after a mouthful I thought to myself “that tastes like vanilla”, I asked M to taste it and he agreed that he could taste vanilla but we both thought it might just be an ingredient of the coconut ice cream mixture.

I continued eating, trusting that the restaurant had served me the requested vegan dessert and all would be well. How wrong I was. I was ill for about 12 hours and my very strong suspicion is  that they had served me regular vanilla ice cream instead of the dairy free coconut. Gaaahhhhhhhh.

I did complain to the restaurant via their website, but they have yet to reply. Typical. As I write this post, I have been pondering whether to name & shame… so if are local to Warrington, it was the The Swan at Winwick. Usually good, on this occasion, they made a massive mistake, and didn’t apologise when I complained. Shame.

G x


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