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Let’s talk about YouTube

Some of you know me IRL, some of you know me through work or social media, some of you know me just via this blog and some of you have seen me on YouTube. Over the years, I have created videos for YouTube in the first instance to show the adventures we had with our 1st dog Peggy. Then for a few years I fell face first into the making vlogs for YouTube even making a dancing video for our local town show after we moved (good way to get to know everyone) and doing VLOGMAS twice. But I stopped making those videos a couple of years ago when my work got busier and I both didn’t quite have the time or energy.

But I have always loved YouTube and over the last perhaps 6-7 years I have used YouTube as an extra TV channel. I follow and have followed several “vloggers”, i.e. people who make video blogs or vlogs and continue to this day to watch all the videos and content that they make.

I thought I would make a list of the channels that I have and do follow, just in case you were looking for something fresh to watch….

ChannelType of VideosWho’s the Star?Bit of InfoDo I still watch?
The Sacconne Joly’sDaily VlogsJonathon & Anna Sacconne-Joly and their 4 kids. They are family vloggers, They don’t daily vlog any more, but they do put out a lot of content. Like most vloggers, a cross between Big Brother and a boring Soap Opera.
No. I loved them for ages, but over time I got a bit disenchanted. I decided I didn’t really like Anna and didn’t want to watch her anymore. Of course this is nothing personal , I have never met her, BUT as she was on my Telly every day, for me, it’s was the same as deciding I didn’t like a Big Brother contestant.
Louise PentlandMum/Lifestyle InfluencerLouise Pentland Louise is an old style YouTuber, by which I mean she has been on the channel for 10+ years. She has 2 daughters and mostly vlogs about her day to day and what her experiences are of being a mum. Yes. She is one the few YouTubers that I haven’t ever got bored with. Sure, not all her content is for me, I don’t have kids, but she is pretty entertaining and nice and easy to watch.
TomSKAFilm maker/Gamer/Anime Content CreatorThomas “TomSKA” Ridgewell Tom is a complex guy who lives with some complex mental health. He has been into all sorts over the years. He like to make comedy sketches, but I used to watch his monthly compilation vlogs. No. He stopped his vlogs the last time I looked as they were too much for his mental health. He’s a really interesting person though and worth a look if that’s your thing.
Nikkie TutorialsMake Up TutorialsNikkie De JaegerShe is a Dutch content creator and a makeup artist. She posts regular video showing people how to create makeup looks. Yes. Nikkie is entertaining to listen to and great at makeup. She is always bright and breezy and stays on topic, which I like.
PixiWoo Make up TutorialsSam & Nic ChapmanSam & Nic are sisters and have been professional make up artists long before YouTube. No. No particular reason, just got a bit bored. Their content wasn’t boring, I was just looking for new stuff to watch.
Hannah WittonSex-Ed and has an osteomy bag. Hannah WittonI found Hannah just as she was having a really really bad Ulcerative Colitis Flare and was in hospital. But she mostly posts Sex-Ed videos. No. The only reason I stopped watching was that at first, she was posting a lot of information about gut health etc, which I am interested in because of my IBS, but I wasn’t that bothered about the sex-ed stuff.
The Glam Life GuruMake UpTati WestbrookGreat makeup artists, very honest with reviews and very “LA”No. In 2019, Tati made a video because she was caught up in some “controversy” with another YouTuber. It was a whole thing, but the upshot was, she has stopped making videos completely. Shame.
Carrie Hope FletcherVloggerCarrie Hope FletcherCarrie is on of my favourite YouTubers, because she is so much more than that. She is actually a successful actress, west end performer, singer and author. Yes. She often shows the “behind the scenes” part of being in a west end show or similar and it’s fascinating if that’s your thing. She has a tendency to over explain things sometimes, but don’t all YouTubers? But otherwise, big fan!
ZoellaBeauty and LifestyleZoe SuggZoe is also an old school vlogger, having been on YouTube for over a decade. Used to do “hauls’ and beauty and lifestyle stuff. She has more than one channel and also vlogs. No. I really grew out of Zoe’s content. She is a very successful YouTuber and has grown into a similarly successful businesswoman. But her content drifted and so did my interest
Pointless BlogDaily VlogsAlfie DeyesZoe’s partner – for a long time did Daily Vlogs – now does lots of adventure style vlogs. No. Alfie’s content is far too immature for me – only watched for a short time.
Fun for LouisTravel VloggerLouis Cole Louis is a travel vlogger and basically travels around the world taking you, the viewer, with him. No. Louis is a very good vlogger and I still look at his videos occasionally to see where he is in the world.
Colleen VlogsVlogs of daily and tour life. Colleen BallingerColleen is an old hand at YouTube and has a very successful channel as her character Miranda Sings. But I have more watched her vlog channel as she again takes you backstage during her life on the road and also you get an inside into her personal life. Yes and No. Before the pandemic, Colleen’s vlogs were always entertaining as she toured around the world with her Miranda show. She loves her family and it was always entertaining to follow her life story. since the pandemic, she has been, like the rest of us, stagnating at home and her vlogs are no different. She has a tendency to over exaggerate her life to create drama, but trying to create drama out of being at home doing nothing is lame at best. Not her fault, I blame Covid.
Safia NygaardReviews, challenges and tags. Safia Nygaard Safia makes incredibly well produced videos where she buys all sorts of things from the internet and try’s them out. She very often tests if the claim of the product makers hold true. Yes – these videos are so well put together – I would say almost TV production quality. Highlight was the Franken lipstick she made with her now husband Tyler!
Rachel BallingerDaily VlogsRachel BallingerRachel has a couple of channels and I mostly watch her vlog channel where you get to see her day to life with her dogs. Rachel is Colleen Ballinger’s sister. Yes– but I skip through lots of it. Rachel can be very funy and she makes M laugh. However, she screams a LOT instead of talking and that bugs the life out of me. Also she has a boyfriend that is never shown or referenced at all these days, which is frankly, weird.
The Ballinger FamilyFamily VloggersChristopher and Jessica Ballinger and their 5 children. This is family channel, showing what it’slike to bring up 5 children. Chris is the brother of Rachel and Colleen. Yes – I have never got bored of these guys, their children are adorable. It’s a family friendly channel and somehow I feel like I am checking in on friends I have never met. Love them.
Raw Beauty KristiMake up TutorialsKristiPure makeup tutorials with lots of chatYes and No – Kristi is very down to earth and the least saccharine of all these types of content creators. I mean that she swears occasionally and is honest in her opinions. However, her videos can be very long (40+ mins) which an be a bit much for me sometimes.
Robert WelshMake up Tutorials and Reaction VideosRobert WelshI am not sure how I found Robert and if you are looking for him, he is not to be confused with his twin James. His videos give great instruction about how to apply makeup and also how NOT to apply makeup! Yes – I love Robert’s style of videos and his reactions to Tik Tok and similar creators and their wild “for the views” methods.

So that is my list of people on YouTube that I have watched, not loved and loved – why not go ahead and see if any of them tickle your fancy. I find anything like this good to listen to as background when I am getting ready….

But before I leave, I wanted to give a special mention to a guy called Marques Brownlee or MKBHD. Marques is not someone I would have typically sought out to watch, as you can tell from the list above, I mainly watch beauty stuff or music theatre people. Marques is a hugely successful tech reviewer and has been on YouTube for years and years. During the pandemic both M and I have been working from home and so for the 1st time in about 17 years have found ourselves having lunch together and watching YouTube. One of the channel that M subscribes to us MKBHD and so I have ended up watching his videos whilst eating my bagel. I have to say he is by far the best reviewer of anything that I have ever watched! He is clear, concise, not bitchy and stays on topic. Well well worth a watch if that’s your thing.

Happy watching!

G x

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