Lockdown | Short thoughts

Lockdown | Short thoughts

It’s January and ordinarily we all feel a bit crap. We have no money left after Christmas, we are all a few pounds heavier and it’s dark at 4 0’clock. But in 2021 to add to the depressing mix, we are also in a national lockdown. *sighs* But as it happens I find myself fully settled in to lockdown life, it’s been going on so long I find myself very used to it.

I suppose though we are a in a different place in terms of treatments and vaccinations than we were when this started over 9 month ago. As I write, my mother and father in law have both had their 2 doses of vaccine and my husband and dad have both had their 1st dose. It was and is SUCH a relief that they are now more protected. I see a lot of people online and in real life discussion lamenting why they or someone they love haven’t been prioritised for the vaccination yet and I understand their worry – we all want this to be done, we all want times to regain some normality. I even had a text from my GP last week asking everyone not to keep calling the surgery to enquire about the vaccination and that they would be in touch when they were available. They must be under so much pressure.

To that end, I am sure people are wondering why people in my family have had the vaccine so soon and the answer is very simple. My mother and father in law are in their 80s and were contacted by their GP as part of the 1st priority group. My husband works for the NHS and all NHS staff are in a priority group. My dad was the only “lucky” one in my husband’s employer offered the vaccine to friends and family of their employees who were over 70 and/or extremely clinically vulnerable. My dad is in his 70s and so he qualified. I suspect they did this as the way the Pfizer vaccine is stored, it has a shelf life once a batch is opened – so better to get as many people in appointment slots rather than have any leftovers.

I also think the Christmas break helped recharge my batteries slightly, breaks like are so important, even if we can’t go anywhere. But for once, I don’t feel overwhelmed, cooped up, if anything, I feel grateful to be safe at home. Long may it continue.

G x

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