Losing Daisy |pupdate

Losing Daisy |pupdate

Losing Daisy

1 week on

It’s a funny phrase isn’t it? “1 week after we “lost” Daisy. We didn’t lose her… it wasn’t like we went to Tesco and lost her somewhere down the Baked Beans aisle! We didn’t lose her, she died…….

But it’s over a week now since Daisy died and it’s been quite a week. Lots of crying as you would expect, but like most grief that I’ve unfortunately experienced, it comes in waves and sometimes when I least expect it.

The worst times for me are just before we go to bed and when we come back in from anywhere. M quite rightly pointed out that these were times when we had guaranteed interaction with Daisy, namely letting her out before bed and similar when we arrived home. We obviously did stuff with her on and off with her all day every day, but it’s those particular times that we 100% just focused on her.

It’s even simple things like using realising we won’t see our dog walker regularly anymore 😩 He’s been coming to our house a few times every week for the almost the entire time we’ve had Daisy and it feels weird now that that is going to stop.

It’s funny too how we had changed everything about how we lived in our house to accommodate Daisy. Once her housetraining broke down due to her Cushings, we couldn’t leave her alone in our living room for very long in case she peed. So basically we used to take it turns to do anything or leave her in a room with a pee pad if we had to go upstairs to do anything because that was another thing.

Daisy couldn’t get upstairs by herself, she physically couldn’t manage the stairs AND she would always pee on the carpet even when being supervised – the least said the better about her peeing on the bed one night whilst M was trying to get changed after work!

It took us a few days to adjust to the fact we could walk around the house without thinking about where Daisy was. It’s still very odd though.

I suppose the question that people might be wondering about is, would we get another dog? It’s a difficult one to answer – my impulsive side screams yes…… but my practical side then reminds me of how tying they are and how much work they can be.

At the moment though, we are still grieving…. still missing our little Daisy.

G x

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