My No Faff PPI Pay out (Not click bait)

My No Faff PPI Pay out (Not click bait)

Occasionally Social Media can be used for good and occasionally social media does good. I think I might have found a little bit of good fortune, this time in Instagram. In the last 6 months or so I started to follow beauty blogger Caroline Hirons on Instagram, mainly because her little rants are very funny and she is the first beauty blogger I have come across that is vaguely my age. Joy.

Anyway, around Christmas time, Caroline put a thing on her Insta Stories telling her followers that she had seen a way to claim for PPI which was not only reputable, but with minimal faff. She wasn’t paid to mention anything on her social media, she was just pleased that both her and her husband had received some compensation.

Now the whole PPI claim thing has been going on for years and I have avoided it like the plague, mainly because of the incessant phone calls and the fact that I could never find all the documentation you seemed to need to provide. I could never quite be bothered. So when Caroline said you only had to provide some basic details and everything would be done for you, I thought, well why not. Especially  as the link Caroline shared was for consumer experts WHICH.

The link took me to a form to fill in, which I did, one for each separate claim and each one needing my basic demographics, the type of account/loan and why I thought I had a PPI claim. That was it! My reason for each claim was that I didn’t understand the PPI (true story) and that I didn’t have more specific details. I filled in one for every lender or bank I had had dealings with as far as I could remember and left it at that. No account numbers (long forgotten), no exact details, no dates even. Sorted.

So if you were ever thinking of giving it a go, here is the link I used:

If you can’t remember which companies you have had accounts with, then you can check your credit file free of charge easily too. Full disclosure, a couple of the companies, I filed complaints against said they couldn’t find anything and asked for more details, and I just didn’t send any. But one of the companies I claimed against, without any more information than I filled in with Which, have just sent me a substantial cheque for mis-sold Payment Protection Insurance. A substantial amount that made me very glad I filled the form in and enough to make me want to share this simple tip with anyone that comes across my blog.

So good luck with your claim. This isn’t an affiliate link, but if you decide to give it a go, all I ask as a thank you, is that you follow me on Instagram. After all, this is where it all started.

G x

p.s. do let me know how you get on. x

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