No dog, what now? |Life update

No dog, what now? |Life update

It’s human nature to look towards the future and ask what to expect or what might come next… essentially what now?

It’s almost 3 weeks since we lost our Daisy dog and life is returning to normal, albeit not as we know it. As I write this we are about to go back into local lockdown due to a significant increase in COVID-19 cases in my town and borough. I think that this was sort of inevitable as cases started to rise slowly once the pubs opened and dramatically once the schools did. *sighs*

One big thing that has massively improved is how much sleep we are able to have. We typically had about 6-7 hours whilst we had Daisy and she was well, but when she was unwell this was reduced to 5 hours on average. So last night, in particular, I slept from around 10:45 till 8:15ish. Bliss.

But we miss her, we still really miss her. Yesterday we had a facetime call with M’s parents and my heart sunk when I remembered the last time we had done this and us having to get up at least 3 times during the hour long chat to let her out whereas now… well…. she just wasn’t here.

But one of the ways I am dealing with losing Daisy is to just be looking at other people’s dogs and being a bit jealous. Someone I used to work with has just adopted a Border Terrier called Vinnie and he’s sooo ADORABLE, I’m obsessed:

I’ve gone down several rabbit holes at night looking at Italian Greyhounds, dog training videos, puppy training videos, border terriers and a whole host of dog-related loveliness. A common question is “will you get another dog”. The short answer is probably yes, the more complicated question is “when”. I can be impulsive and when getting new things, prone to just thinking “why not” but I a married to a man who is more cautious and has a totally different approach. It’s true that we level each other off; I help him be more spontaneous and he stops me from buying stupid things. But adopting a dog is a huge commitment and we are still hurting/recovering from looking after a sick dog for months and months.

I think for now, it might be time for a bit of time out and a time for us. Usually, this would mean a holiday somewhere warm, but with current COVID restrictions, I reckon that’s not going to be possible.

But for now, we are about to have some home improvements done, because one thing M and I have in common is that when we are sad, we spend money like no-one’s business. Look out for a post with a new kitchen coming soon!!

G x

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