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There really is no denying it for me this week, I am definitely experiencing menopause. I blogged not too long ago that I had suspected something was happening, but symptoms have ramped up somewhat which left me in no doubt!

My symptoms over the last few months have been anxiousness, inability to cope with some things as well some things I am STILL not comfortable sharing. I visited the GP and got myself some HRT- so far the following things have happened:

I have experienced some wicked hot flushes. For me, not so much sweaty but just some serious HEAT…. I feel like a super hero that could vent the heat from my hands and feet (where I feel it the most) like some sort of bipedal blow torch!

The ways I have been combatting the heat is cool pads from the freezer, a huge fan and doors and windows all open. Poor M isn’t too frozen just yet, but god help him if this continue past Autumn!

But the good news is that my mood has definitely improved and I think I am lucky in that it coincided with me changing jobs to work for Addaction (which is going great). M has mentioned that I seem happier and I know I certainly feel much better .

Also, the unmentionable thing has improved (enough said) and randomly, I think my hair is in better condition – which I don’t know if it’s linked to the HRT or the fact that I stopped dying in last year and it’s slowly recovering??

Either way, HRT isn’t for everyone, but for me I am definitely expereicing more benefits than side effects.

I still feel WAAAY to young to be experiencing something that I previously thought of as being 5-7 year aways, but it is what it is. I told someone recently that it had started and she did say that by the time it was over for me, people my age might just be starting… so I guess that’s a good thing!

One thing I do know, is that having grey hair and experiencing menopause doesn’t make me old, and even if it did, is that such a bad thing? I really do believe that age is just a number and getting older is a privilege. I am simply in a new phase…. I have even found another brilliant Instagram account to follow… what’s not to like? May I introduce the Jane MccCann, the Australian Middle Aged Goddess:

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I felt a little flat this morning 😔 The news, cancer, mental illness, stress – not mine but those around me. When I was a young thing galavanting around town I cheered myself up by drinking, smoking and other assorted party tricks 🤫 These days I cheer myself up by dancing in the kitchen, singing badly to you beautiful folk and watching astrology/tarot predictions on YouTube (@shebeartarot is my fave ⭐️). The fella said to me the other week that he was worried that maybe he was boring 🤦🏼‍♀️ and that I should be out a few nights week living it up 😳 I was like dude do you even know me? 😂 I’m happiest at home, with my boys, the dog and him. It’s easy on Instaland to sometimes feel like you’re missing out but let me reassure you that the more simple life is the happier you will be. It’s not complicated 😁 So tell me Goddesses what do you do when you’re feeling a little run over by life? Let’s inspire each other ✌🏽 Jane x #tonedeaf #dontcare #singwithjoy #doobiebrothers #whatafool #70s #dance #sing #moveyourbody #laugh #joy #mentalhealth #ruok #thegoddesschronicles #middleagedgoddess tunes by @doobiebrothersofficial 🙌🏽

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