No Weigh in Day | 1st August | Getting Healthy

No Weigh in Day | 1st August | Getting Healthy

Tuesday is usually Weigh in Day, but unfortunately I couldnt go to my meeting as I went to London for a work meeting. Today was a VERY long day, and if I am being honest, was a day of 2 halves.

My alarm went off at 5:50am (arrrgghh) and as I am not a morning person, I sort of got ready, zombie-like and left the house at 6:30am. I had packed some Alpen bars for breakfast and made myself a chicken bagel with some Walkers Baked Crisps for lunch, even packing a couple of apples for snacks. Pretty good no?

I got on the train and avoided the Costa goodies at the station and the shop on the train AND in the many eateries at Euston Station. So far so good. My meeting was very long and by 3:30pm I was getting tired and despite eating all the food that had travelled with me, I was feeling hungry.

Train fail

Well I say hungry, but sometimes it’s hard to distinguish genuine hunger and just wanting something to eat. So I drank more water and soldiered on. I left the office at 4:25pm and made my way back to Euston Station, getting hungrier by the second. I had one apple left, but I had reached a critical point where a single apple (that unfortunately wasn’t that nice) just wasn’t going to cut it.


So I went into Boots and tried to get some snacks that would fill me up until I got home at around 8pm. This was my biggest mistake. I got some nuts and a protein bar thingy, but I really should have just got myself something more substantial to eat and snacked when I got home to my healthy options.

The WW points were high, but within allowable ranges so I chowed down. I got on the train, but an hour into my journey, my hunger pangs returned and I found myself at the shop on the Train getting a grab bag of Walkers Crisps and some Chocolate rice cakes. Total fail. I then called at the petrol station to get more crisps on the way back home and I honestly couldn’t have felt more like a total failure with my food choices for the day.

But there is a lesson to be learned for me here. If I am in that situation again, I should just have eaten something more robust and not worry too much about the time (in my head, 4:30pm was too early to eat my evening meal). I should have gone to one of the restaurants and got myself a jacket potato or something and then I wouldn’t have felt so hungry and I wouldnt have gone so off the rails.

This incident has not only dented my confidence but also made me feel physically poorly all week. My IBS has been so much better since avoiding dairy and eating low fat and the fast injection of crappy food has upset my stomach and I’ve been “Gaviscon at the ready”.

But what I can’t let this do, is let one bad day affect a journey that is ongoing and in fact has been going 84 days already. I have already lost 21 pounds and have lots more to lose. So I need to get back on track, draw a line under London and get back to feeling kick-ass in my jeans again. I have to remember that I am changing my body but I am also changing my mind and whilst at hard things will be bumpy, I must keep looking forward.


I would love to hear how you cope with things like this, please do comment below and share your stories. I know they will spur me on.

G x

p.s. I know it’s not a massive difference, but the picture of me in America in 2014 popped up in my Timehop and so I thought I would put the same clothes on to recreate the picture (sort of) and see if I look any different. It’s not massive, but it’s definitely there.


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