Non-Scale Victories | Getting Healthy

Non-Scale Victories | Getting Healthy

I really wanted to write about some recent non-scale victories that I am experiencing now the weight has started to really come off (-17lbs as I write). I really do think it’s important to document the small ways in which I feel better as this week, I am not expecting a loss, in fact perhaps a small gain due to the indulgences of Edinburgh and a week with friends.

Here goes:

  • I used to fasten my watch strap on the second hole. Now I do it on the 3rd, sometimes the 4th!!
  • My wedding ring is much looser than before
  • I am wearing trousers that have sat in my wardrobe for over a year as they didn’t fit me
  • I have lost a little weight off my face (I think)


And the major one for me, is I think my fitness has improved. Twice over the last couple of weeks, I have noticed me doing something physical that previously I struggled with.

We have had some friends staying with us from  the USA and we had a walk down to the local station to pick up some train tickets. The station itself is up a small hill, which is cobbled and previously I have huffed and puffed my way up there, being out of breath at the top. I climbed it with our friends a couple of weeks ago and I was much less breathless at the top!

The biggest NSV for me, happened yesterday. We took the same friends to Anglesey for the day and we walked along Newborough Beach to Llanddwyn Island. It’s about a 40-45 minute walk with a small hike up some steps to a disused lighthouse at the end. The first time I did this walk I really remember being out of breath and taking a minute before I attempted the steps. This time I walk/skipped up them without too much trouble. Hurrah for me!!!

Proud of my little self! But as a reminder, here is my VLOG from 2015 where I am visibly out of breath at the lighthouse!


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