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I realised over the last few weeks that I am person that likes finding solutions to things.  For example, Problem: Can’t continually reach something in a high cupboard and so continually has to drag a chair from another room? – I am the person that just LOVES finding a pretty step stool that can be stored easily to stop the reaching and chair dragging! I am THAT person that simply loves a gadget and I have to say that when I find a good one, I am almost evangelical about it! 

So with this in mind, I thought I would share some of my October Heroes with y’all. First Up: 

Handbag within a Handbag

I flipping LOVE this! On my commute to work, I have to take my laptop as well as all the other sundries I like to carry. But at the weekend, I still like to carry my purse (and let’s face it, lots of other cr*p) and it used to do my head in switching from a bigger bag to a smaller one. But this mini bag makes my life so much easier. It acts as an organiser for inside my bag and so when I want to switch I just lift the whole thing out (it has handles) and transfer from humongous laptop bag to my pretty weekend bag. GENIUS! 

Wick Trimmer

Now my second hero in October was a gift from someone that knows me VERY well. My lovely M bought me a wick trimmer. Now what the FLUFF is that you ask, well I am a secret candle hoarder, lighter, fancier and collector. But as the nights have drawn in, I might (definitely) have had some candles lit for too long and their long wicks have meant too much soot. So M treated me to a wick trimmer, which not only cuts down the wick of the candle to stop extra soot, it also catches the bl**dy thing as well!!!! I 💝 it! 

Too Faced Chocolate Palette

One thing that Instagram has done for me is invigorated my interest in make-up. I won’t ever be an expert, but I am definitely more up for experimenting and knowing what suits me. I bought a Laura Mercier palette a few years ago and loved it and on our recent trip to Barcelona, I treated myself to a Too Faced Chocolate palette. It’s DIVINE! It’s so pigmented and has some of my favourite colours. I’ve loved playing with and relish and occasion where I get to wear some of it. 

Also, mini shout-out for the All Nighter setting spray from Urban Decay. Helping my combo skin hang onto it’s makeup. FTW. 

LED Dressing Table Lights

For my 40th birthday, I was lucky enough to be give US Dollars for a trip abroad, but by some minor miracle, I didn’t spend them all whilst we were away. So with what was left, I bought a dressing table from Ikea. It’s perfectly positioned in our box room and my only bug bear has always been that the light isn’t great. The window is on my left and so the right hand side of my face is always in shadow, even with the “big” light on. I’ve tried a few different things, none of which quite worked, mainly because most “hollywood” style lights are straight where the mirror on my dressing table is oval. 

But finally on Amazon, I found these brilliant LED lights, which I have to admit aren’t the prettiest, but work perfectly. 

So as I said at the beginning, I love finding solutions and these have been some of my favorite this month. Hope you’ve had a good one and just for kicks, I will leave you with some pics from the awesome Halloween party we had… 

Till next time 

G x 

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