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At the start of this year, I decided I was going to do one cool thing a month throughout 2020 and I was SO looking forward to it as I knew it would force me to go out and try new things. Not so much a resolution but more sort of mantra for the year.

In January I decided to try swimming as this was something that was sort of restricted to holidays, despite the fact I live within spitting distance of a public swimming pool! I went along to my local pool and enjoyed it so much that I signed up for swimming lesson and swam every week from January to early March.

In February, I decided to try Floating at a Spa in Altrincham – 60 minutes of sensory deprivation floating in capsule, which I thought I would love, but couldn’t quite get in to.

In March, I booked for us to have a tour of an Amazon Fulfilment Centre, which meant we would get to see how the operations side of how Amazon works…the geeky side of me was really interested. But at the end of February, we had an email from Amazon that due to the ongoing issues with the CoronaVirus in Italy, they were cancelled all tours. A sure sign things to come.

So my “One Cool Thing A Month” activities now appear to be surviving through a Global Pandemic and at the very least, staying sane. I have never baked, cooked and cleaned so much in my life – the lockdown has turned me into a 1950’s housewife!

So for the foreseeable, I am going to think of “One Cool Lockdown Activity” per month.

During March, I think the 1 cool thing I did was cook. Hear me out. Before lockdown, I was a lazy cook, firmly in the camp of “often can’t be arsed”. This resulted in us eating out, takeaways and the occasional home-cooked meal. But since lockdown, I have cooked almost every night – peeled, chopped, cooked, baked and scoffed all manner of lovely and mostly healthy food. Only this morning, I made us a full English Breakfast, unheard of in our house! We just really miss going out for Breakfast!

Anyway, I need to go and think of one cool thing for April to do…. ideas on a postcard, Tweet, Instagram Comment, DM or you can just email me…

Hope you guys are all ok, Stay Home. Protect the NHS.

G x

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