Scottish Power – Poor Customer Service

scottish powerSo we moved into our new house over 3 months ago and were told by the builder that our energy supplier would be Scottish Power. Since then I have made 10+ phone calls, 1 (ignored) complaint and finally, a complaint to the Head of Customer Service and Watchdog – but guess what… we STILL don’t have an account set up with Scottish Power! I also can’t switch providers, as when I tried to contact British Gas, they told me that they couldn’t swap me over because the account hadn’t been set up in the first place.
In bullet points this is what has happened so far:

  • Moved into house – told Scottish Power would be our supplier
  • Waited for till Mid- August, but no contact, called Scottish Power
  • Called SP but got nowhere (repeated several times)
  • Emailed SP to complain, this was ignored.
  • Made one final call to SP, eventually got account set up.
  • Checked, day after last phone call, discovered account had been set up with WRONG ADDRESS.
  • Call again – was told this would be corrected.
  • Checked day after, correct address on account.
  • Paid £100 onto to account as not yet been received bill and wanted to avoid large debt when time came.
  • Noticed after payment had been made that WRONG METERS HAD BEEN ALLOCATED TO OUR ACCOUNT.
  • Tweeted SP and was given an email address to use to get things moving.
  • Emailed SP and received an email back within 4 days to ask for exact address, meter serial numbers and readings. All given within 24 hours.
  • 10 days later, heard nothing.
  • Called SP and was told that they address on the account had gone back to the wrong address and in the meters were still incorrect. My query would have to go into a “back office” to be changed and would take 3-4 weeks. I asked to speak to a manager who was no help at all.
  • Complained to customer service, Watchdog @ The BBC, Taylor Wimpey (the builder) and Lynda Clayton who is the head of customer service at SP.

I genuinely don’t understand how on earth things can go SO very wrong when I am just trying to do something so very simple. I have go not faith in Scottish Power, so the minute – or should I say, IF it my account ever gets set up, I will be switching provider immediately.

How frustrating. 🙁


Waiting at LHCH

What is “LHCH” I hear you wondering?! Well it’s Liverpool Heart & Chest Hospital and it’s where my mum was supposed to be meeting a new surgeon at right about now. The problem with that is, is that she is with my dad, stuck in traffic approximately 10 miles away having a mild panic attack!
I’m currently sat in the main entrance of the hospital wasting away the very kind discretionary day that my lovely manager organised for me. But what can I do?

Maybe write a blog… ?


I am excited about this!!!
So today, feeling a bit better after mucho coughiness over the last few days. Went to sleep without Night Nurse last night and even though still a bit tired, Sunday is going ok so far. Happy days 🙂

I’ve been out for breakfast this morning with M and his mum & dad (who I love) and we went to Bents, which is a fab garden centre in Glazebury. The term “garden centre” doesn’t really do it any justice as it’s more of an “experience” than a centre and it’s cafe is more like a restaurant with a huge conservatory. I had the good old scrambled eggs and as usual it was delicious.

Even though I try not to, my mind always starts to wander and think about what is coming up this week the closer it gets to Sunday night. This week sees for me, going to the hospital with mum to see another surgeon about the massive delay with her cancer op (another time, another blog) and then a week mostly in the office, WW meeting, choir practice and then – oh and excitingly then… our shed is being delivered!!

I must be really growing up if I am excited about a shed. But you have to ask AM I BOVVEREDD?? #shed



Chicken Hotpot Spill

So if you have read my bio, you might have guessed I’m a bit clumsy. Yesterday M was bringing my tea into the living room on a tray (classy) and even though he gave it to me in a perfectly sober and level manner, I still managed to spill chicken casserole all over the couch, the floor and my  iPhone. I was  (of course) the most bothered about my brand new iPhone 6!!!
Today I have put the covers off the couch in the washing machine and when they came out not ruined – I was greatly pleased. Rock and roll kids, rock and roll.


p.s. for those of you that were worried, my iPhone was fine. Phew 🙂

Strictly Come Dancing

Strictly Come Dancing Baby!!!So it has begun, the sequined wonderment that is Strictly Come Dancing. 2014. It is a show that I have loved from Day 1 and at the moment it seems to span the passage of time from late Summer right up until Christmas.
When the celebs are announced it seems like we are all still barbecuing and hoping to have tea in the garden just one last time and when it finishes we are about 3 more sleeps away from the big day!

Also, I love the dresses the music and ever now and again, I watch a dance that is so beautiful it makes me cry. I also love Claudia and Tess, which I know aren’t to everyone’s cup of tea, but how could you NOT have a girl crush on Claudia – she’s ace.

Also, in 2011 I went to Television Centre in London to watch it being recorded as I managed to get tickets TWICE in one series. I went the first time in September with M to see the launch show (sat in the upstairsy bit behind the judges) and the second time in November with my mum to see the Christmas show being recorded (sat in the FRONT row, next to Brendan Cole). I was dead lucky as we had such a good view that I got to be in touching distance of all the celebs and even Brucie himself – I even caught one of Tess’s cue cards right at the end of the recording when she chucked them on the floor.

Christmas Strictly Cue Card

Bloody love Strictly I do…

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