Pennington Flash

Sometimes at the weekend, M and I fancy doing something, but we don’t quite know what. We don’t have kids or pets so are completely unshackled, but the choices are so many that we genuinely struggle to decide what to do.

Yesterday was such a day as we languished around the house watching the new Miranda Sings Show “Haters Back Off” on Netflix (v funny btw). I perhaps decided that we should go and see my dad, but when I texted him, he told us that he was at Pennington Flash, it was beautiful and we should come. Pennington Flash is about 6ish miles from Newton-le-Willows and so we thought, why not!

Off we went in the car and from the minute we go there, we starting saying to each other, “Why don’t we come here more often?”. It’s really beautiful with the water, trees and canals. There is also lots of wildlife and there are even hides where you can get comfy and spy on all the things!

We met my dad, tried out a hide and then had a lovely walk up to the canal. There were SO many dogs and if we hadn’t been hungry, we would have explored much further – next time for sure. There were also SO many dogs, I was in heaven… Happy Days.

Also for those considering visiting, there is a large car park, toilets, lots of benches and picnic tables, ice cream, donut and chip vans and many many ducks to feed. We we definitely be going back.

G x

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