Picture Review of 2020 |The year of Covid

So I saw someone online that said they weren’t going to add this year to their age, because they hadn’t used it. Which made me 😂 as I think this is something we can all relate too. It is also my tradition at the end of the year to do a review of the year, but as the title of this post suggests, “Why bother?”. But I think for me, it’s still important to bother…. I still lived through 2020 and I am still here… so here goes.


This is Glasgow. I travelled a lot for my job before the pandemic and in January I spent a couple of nights in Glasgow shadowing a colleague. I didn’t see much of the city as I was working, but the view from my hotel was lush!


This is Penzance. It was a 9hr travel day to get to there on the train for another work thing, but when I finally got to my hotel, they had upgraded my room!! This was a shot I took at 7:45am outside my hotel. I can confirm that Penzance is beautiful.


This is cooked breakfast that we had whilst staying, this time for pleasure, at the Hilton Hotel in Manchester in early March. I had always wanted to stay at this hotel but resisted as it was always very expensive. However, due to some accrued reward points, I managed to get a great discount and booked us in to celebrate our Wedding Anniversary. Truth be told though, we were disappointed. The rooms were a bit average for the price and the pool/spa area was a bit rubbish. Hey ho – at least we had the experience.


By April, the UK was in full lockdown. We had a stay at home order from the government and everything was a bit weird. People had been madly buying loo roll, pasta and baking ingredients and everything felt weird.

Daily Corona virus briefing from Downing Street became the norm the streets were empty and it’s a month in history I will never forget.


In May we were all still in lockdown. Shops, bars and restaurants were all still closed. M had been working from home since mid-March and whether we liked it or not, we were settling in to some sort of routine.


In June, one of our local community groups organised a scarecrow competition. The thing started off fairly small, but but the end there were almost 1,000 scarecrows locally, with at least 1 on every single street. This was our entry, may I introduce to you “Rona Christmas”.


As soon as we realised at work that the pandemic wasn’t going anywhere, we looked to move our work online. In July I delivered some training for staff that had always, traditionally been delivered face to face. It was a scary, big , but necessary step. Spoiler Alert 🚨 It went great!


We adopted Daisy in December 2018 and she was only well for the first 8 months. After that we found out she had Cushings disease, and things never really got any better medically. At the start of lockdown we found out Daisy was blind (you can see how green and cloudy here eyes are in this photo). She still loved a cuddle though, she was still an utter joy to have around.


September was a very very sad month for us as on the 1st we said goodbye to Daisy. I am so sad that she is no longer with us, but so happy that we could give her a good retirement home. This photo was taken after an impromptu visit to Formby beach to see the sunset. We sat on a blanket and watched the sun go down. We cuddled with Daisy and even though she was really poorly, I think she loved us all being together.

September (special mention)

I couldn’t not do a special mention for this wonderful thing. This photo is of my in-laws, who we will call B & W. This was the first time the family had all been together for months and we did so to celebrate their Diamond Wedding Anniversary! ♥️ M’s sister had a gazebo set up with 4 lots of chairs ready, all 3-4m apart. It was lovely.


October saw us decorate our living room for the first time since we moved in 6+year ago. We haven’t decorated anything for over 10 years as before we moved house, we paid a decorator to neutralise all the decor ready for selling.

My sister LOVES decorating, me not so much. In fact after 10 minutes, I declared “ we are not doing this again”. 😏 But we did manage, over 3 days, to fully paint the walls and ceiling of our living room twice as well as paint part of our kitchen twice too. But, I stand by my original declaration – never again!


Ok ok so technically this was the very end of October – but November was a very quiet month as the UK was put back in lockdown. BUT, we hosted a FaceTime Halloween quiz and went full on costume – loved it!


I am usually a big advocate of “Keep Christmas in December”, but to be honest 2020 has been so 💩 that all bets and normal rules were off. So this tree has actually been up since the last week in November. We bought 2 x sets of 200 lights for the tree and marvelled at the twinkles as we switch them on. Only for 1 set to go out 10 minutes later! ☠️ But we have “managed” with one set and with lots of therapy, we are copying!! 🤣

But what a year, what an awful year. I have missed going out. I have missed people. I have felt safe at home I have felt guilty that my dad has been on his own. I have run quizzes. I have taken part in quizzes. I have been frustrated. I have cried – a lot. I have laughed. I have felt loved. I have felt ignored. I have felt “over it”. I have felt bored. I have felt tired…. like tired. But I am still here, I have survived it all.

The vaccine can’t come soon enough for me, I already know a few people that have had it and I just hope that 2021 can bring hope and a little less stress. It won’t always be like this, I am very hopeful.

Sending lots of love to anyone and everyone reading this


Happy Christmas!

G x

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