See ya Prince’s Trust | Life Update

See ya Prince’s Trust | Life Update

Sometimes on my blog, I tell you about the places that I’ve been or things I’ve experienced, sometimes I even review products that people send me, but sometimes I use my blog as an actual diary piece. Today is one of those days.

In just over a week I am leaving an employer and job I have loved, like LOVED ❤❤❤ I have done things I never expected to, travelled all around the UK and worked with some amazing people. So why am I leaving? Well the below Instagram post might explain things:

The commute it simply killing me, so I’ve got another job much closer to home. But before that starts I have so many goodbyes. I have worked with so many amazing people at The Prince’s Trust. In the North Region the trust has currently 5 offices and I know almost all the staff in all those offices. I have mainly worked though, between the offices in Liverpool and Salford, with Liverpool being my actual “official” base.

The people that I have worked with have always been so supportive and lovely, at times it felt like an extended family. My own family is so tiny, that I just loved this and I am really going to miss everyone.

During my time at the trust, I’ve been through some rough stuff, I mean in my very 1st week there, we had to have our 1st dog Peggy put to sleep, I cried my way through the Friday afternoon and they sent me home early. Then of course, there was mum. I was in the Salford office when I got the news my mum had Stage IV Cancer and as I started to get upset, I turned around and I was surrounded by all my lovely female work friends who offered hugs and giggles. I was so grateful.

Then the worst year of my life, the year between mum’s diagnosis and her death, was a year I never want to repeat. But when I was in the office, people listened to me talk about what was going on, listen to me moan when I was tired or upset and most of all, ask me if I was ok. I was so grateful.

Then of course, my colleagues have always been so supportive, sharing in victories and congratulating me when I had work successes or there were new opportunities that people thought I might be good at. I mean how many managers would get in touch to tell you about an internal job that they though you might be interested in? Big props to Chris H. In fact Chris H is single handedly the best, most supportive person I have ever been managed by. Everyone in “Team Team” is so fond and fiercely supportive of Chris as he was of us. I will miss him and I am so grateful.

Then of course, there are the staff, who even when I was tasked with showing them how to use a new computer system that (at first) didn’t work properly – were patient and took part fully and enthusiastically in my training sessions. Not once did they complain about having to guess nursery rhymes or watch Olympic Bloopers. 😜

I have to give special props to some of my more “international” colleagues, like Sarah P, Declan, Richard W and Andrea in Leeds who have been such fun to chat to, even though they are the wrong side of the Pennines 😜. Then of course no love letter would be complete without my colleagues in Burnley; Sue H, Janet, Radeea, Adele, Aaron & Kelly and basically everyone there have been amazing colleagues and I am sure going to miss them.

In Salford there are just TOO many mention, but lovely Lauren, Annette, Debbie, Deborah, Christine, Jo and so many lovely people have made every visit to that office one to remember. It’s an office with so much heart and I am sad I won’t get to be part of the big move. Special props to Andrew R who went to bat for me more than once. I am so grateful.

Project Insight Team: – this groups of smashers were people I spent 5 weeks in London with and much longer than that in a Whatsapp Group keeping each other going through moaning training delegates in Leicester, endless budget hotels and the joyous task of logging on crappy laptops time after time. They are the BEST of people and I wouldn’t have got through the last 6 months without Ann-Marie or Laura. I am so grateful.

Then my lovely Liverpool lot. The friendliest bunch of Scousers you ever did meet. We are lead by the incomparable Jo and there isn’t a day goes by where I don’t feel like being in that office means another young person has been helped. We have had our ups and down, but I guess that is what makes a good work family. Flick, Heather, Paul, Lou & Jo have kept me going more than once and the laughs have been big and plentiful. I am so grateful.

But it is inevitably time for me to say goodbye. I am so confident about some things, but oddly quite shy about leaving. I know I will cry, but that’s ok, I am sad…..

But new stuff is on my horizon, a much shorter commute and of course, new colleagues. It’s gonna be a tough gig for them, people at PT are midget gems…. #ifyouknowyouknow

Save and Refresh…

gill x

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