Sexist Questions in 2017

Sexist Questions in 2017

International Women’s Day

Today is International Women’s Day and today  has been filled with women championing other women and celebrating just how kick-ass we are. I am a fan of Twitter and one of the fun parts of today has been watching the comedian Richard Herring @Herring1967 tell all the whiney people on Twitter who ask “When is International Men’s Day?” that its November 19th. For example:

Richard is feminist and answers all the hundreds of questions with his tongue firmly in his cheek and it tickles me no end for the whole day. If you yourself are wondering why we have or need a day to celebrate Women, then let me share two things that have happened to me over the last week..

  • I was at a work event last week , which was attended by a man who I believe is a senior manager of a Community Organisation. I have met him before and apparently he has been really helpful and supportive of our young people.As part of the event there was a photographer from the Community Organisation there taking photographs of the young people at the project they have been working on. So here’s the thing… the photographer was a woman and as she was organising the large group of people into a bunch ready for the photo, the aforementioned man said loudly “She’s this bossy without the camera” jokey laughter on his part. So I replied, “there is nothing wrong with that”, followed by my ‘f8ck you’ stare.

You see this is an incredibly sexist thing to say, as he would definitely not have called a man bossy… he probably wouldn’t have said a single thing and just admired his organisation skills.

  • The second thing happened just 10 minutes ago at my own front door. I have just answered the door to a young man (about 30) who was selling Insurance. He started to ask me questions about our life insurance and buildings/contents insurance etc. I answered his first and second questions truthfully and by his third question I was already bored and wanting rid of him, so I just answered “I don’t know”. His reply was “Oh don’t you know the answers” he leaned in, “Is it just your husband that knows all the details”.I stared at him for a second and said “That’s quite a sexist thing to say”, “No it isn’t” he laughed. I slammed the door in his face. “GOODBYE”.


Again, would he have had said the same thing to a man? He was almost talking down to me, and basically implying I was stupid. Also why is it, that presumably these two educated men, who were in their 50s and 30s respectively STILL have the attitudes that means that they cast out such insulting and sexist remarks without thinking? Both were a little bit “nudge nudge, wink wink” in their delivery, which in 2017 is just no longer acceptable. These were the types of remarks that comics in the 70s used to peddle and I really thought we were passed that – obviously not.

We clearly still have some way to go if some men think that the fact that I’ve got boobs means I am not worthy of equality.

So Happy International Women’s Day – whether some people believe it or not, we really do KICK ASS!!

G x

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