Shall I Go Grey? | Life Update

“Shall I Go Grey?” is not a question, I imagine, many men outside of show business EVER ask themselves. They just DO go grey and that is the end of that. But it’s a question that has popped into my mind of late.

Mum aged 39.

I myself have been going grey since my early twenties, taking after my mum, who started with a small tuft of grey at the front of her hair that slowly spread backwards. I have actually been colouring my hair since I was 15 and I’ve had it every shade of red, brown and black that you can think of. I even went blonde once, but it turned yellow and I looked like someone from the Simpsons…. post a photos you say. erm NO.

Recently though, I’ve got a bit bored with constantly having to colour my hair, I am sure it does it no good and so I have honestly thought about stopping. Of course, the internet was the first place I thought to consult about this decision, which naturally led me to Instagram and in particular to the grombre account, which champions women who go grey early:

All the women featured on there look fantastic and I have to be honest, this does spur me on. Of course I do have some concerns…

  • Will I look old. Not older… but OLD?
  • Will I be able to wait it out until my whole head is grey before I cave and dye it?
  • Will people judge me?
  • What if I hate it?

But one thing I always try to do in life is give things a go. So I might speak to a local hairdresser about a transition plan so maybe it’s not such a tough adjustment for me, but then I might just go for it. If I do hate it, I will just stop.

Also, the colour of my hair doesn’t define who I am! It doesn’t even define my age. I’m almost 44 and basically a girl who laughs at fart jokes. The lack of pigmentation in my curls doesn’t change that one bit.

Tally Ho!!

Gill x


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