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It seems that Sunday is definitely a day during these awful lockdown times, that people seem to get wrapped up and go out for a walk. We were no different today as even those it was every so slightly snowing, we decided to go to a canal within 2 miles of our house and stretch our legs. But here’s the thing. We are in a pandemic 😷 and it’s still very very much needed for us all to social distance. It could be argued that being outside is one of the safest places to be if there are other people about, BUT social distancing is still not only recommended but needed. There have been over 800 recorded deaths just today in the UK.

OK, context incoming. When M and I go for a walk anywhere, we walk side by side. But if we see people coming we always take measures to stay as far away as possible. This includes, but isn’t limited to, walking single file, walking in the road and simply folding ourselves into people drives and gardens to stay out of the way. We have done this since the very start and no longer reply on other people to take action – some do and some very much don’t – which still, no matter how much I try, drives me insane.

I know some people aren’t trying to be thoughtless, they literally just don’t think like I do – which is obviously not a crime. I see some people walking 2m apart on a path having their social distanced walk, which is good, but then I have to walk in between them, presumably whilst they blow COVID all over me…. (I know I know…. but times are very weird and I have become averse to being anywhere near people… which explains what happens today.

Today on our walk to the canal, we parked up as normal and set off along the path. The path isn’t too narrow and we are out in the open, which should have been ideal. But for me, there were too many people and I started to get antsy. People were doing what they often do, walking in bunches, straddling almost the entire path, forcing M and I to walk on the muddy grass verge more often than not.

The further we walked, the more avoiding of people we had to do….and the more antsy I got. Then something happened, that briefly saw the red mists descend, which has maybe only happened a few times in my life. I didn’t get violent, but I did get very verbal. As we were walking, there were a family about 30 metres in front of us; man, woman, child and dog. Coming behind us at speed were a bunched up group of young lads on bikes, maybe 5 or 6 shouting “Up the pace lads, up the pace” and as they passed me and hurtled down the path towards the family I screamed after them “OR SLOW DOWN WHERE THERE ARE KIDS YOU D*CKHEADS”.

I was immediately embarrassed 😳 for swearing in front of the little girl with the family in front and then for myself. I didn’t think about what I said, I just said it. I was clearly more anxious around the extra people than I realised and that manifested itself by me yelling at some idiots that couldn’t care less. I am so safe at home, we have barely been going out… and now I can see, it shows. BUT when we got home and I had calmed down (we cut our canal walk short), I decided that I still wanted to walk somewhere. So we went for a walk around our local park, which was much better. Open spaces, less people, winner winner etc etc.

So even though our initial plans went awry, we rescued it and had a lovely 2nd walk. We also pondered the question “What is something that everyone else loves and you either know or suspect that it just isn’t for you”

M’s Picks

  1. Spicy Food
  2. Pubs & Beer
  3. Meditation

My Picks

  1. Sushi
  2. Yoga
  3. TikTok

G x

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