Sleep injuries?

Sleep injuries?

There are many things people like to tell each other about reaching 40, people share stories left, right and centre about the joys of middle age – whatever that is. But one thing no-one told me about, was that in my 40s, I would get injured in bed. Now before your mind descends into the gutter, it’s really nothing like that!

I have noticed over the last few months that I am waking up in a morning with a sore shoulder or stiff hips and I feel like I should have to do a full on stretching circuit before I can begin my day!


I don’t really bother about my age most days, it really is just a number my clicky joints sometime protest too much. So do I attack the cod liver oil? Do I get a special mattress or do I just put on my big girl pants and stop moaning. Yes, let’s do that!

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