Sometimes my husband is wise – who knew?

Sometimes my husband is wise – who knew?

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I have been married to Mr Gilliblogs for a while now and we were together for 8 years before that. But he surprises me even now. We were talking about our Getting Healthy vibes and in particular about exercise. One of my goals in my healthy eating journey was to try to enjoy exercise and I was talking about this and basically moaning that, apart from walking, I had never really found something I liked doing.

M looked at me and said “Ok, I am going to say something you might not like”…. “If you wanna get healthy, you might just have to do exercise you don’t like”. I just stared at him, but he was on a roll. He went on to explain that if I had a choice between chocolate or salad, I would choose chocolate, but part of getting healthy is that I don’t chose chocolate and have the salad instead, as I know it’s good for me.

I’ve been eating healthier and making healthy food choices since May and the results are definitely showing with 21lbs lost so far. But my head was still saying to me that I couldn’t start exercise as I didn’t like it, when really what I should have been thinking was that even though I didn’t like it, my healthy choice would be to do it anyway as long-term, I would feel better.

As humans we often choose short-term gain over long-term success… “Ok I will have this bar of chocolate as it will taste nice and make me feel good”. But often this is followed by regret and long-term, a Kit Kat Chunky habit is never going to make anyone healthy.

So I am doing my best to change my mindset. Exercise is good and something that I should do – even if it isn’t my thing. At one time I used to describe salad as “rabbit food” and now I love a good salad. My body won’t change until my mind does.

G x

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