SOS: Save our Station

Ok so yes, that’s a little dramatic, but public services in my local area of Newton-le-Willows have just experienced an unwelcome and unexpected cut and I wanted to ask for your help to do something about it.

My local police station has just had it’s hours cut down to 7 hours a week, which is frankly, nowhere near enough. I think making such a drastic cut, will inevitably lead to it’s eventual closure and even though I think the people of N-le-W are mostly angelic, we still need the thin blue line to help keep us all safe.

So a petition has been put together for people to sign to help show Merseyside Police how much we not only want but need our Police Station to remain open. I would love it if you could take just 5 minutes of your time to sign the petition and help us do just that.

Thank you

Gill x

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