Starting to Feel Human (ish) | Blogtober 14

Starting to Feel Human (ish) | Blogtober 14

So I finally think the Killer Cornwall Cold is finally starting to leave the building! I actually ventured out of the house by myself yesterday to do a bit of shopping. It’s only a couple of weeks from Halloween and traditionally M and I (well mostly me) love a bit of decoration for the house and so we do already have some quite a few nice bits, but I always like looking in case there is anything else that takes my fancy. This time, not so much, but I did get a few little bits that I needed, so all good. Here is my Insta showing a few of our decorations:

I have got a really busy week this week with trips to Preston, Halton and London, one of which I am bit nervous about. On Thursday I am delivering some training for the 1st time in a subject that is relatively new to me. I have done a fair bit of swotting up and I think I know my stuff, but I am still a little 😫. However, I have got to keep telling myself that I am a very experienced trainer and so I need to trust my abilities a little more.

But otherwise it’s nice to be busy and I’ve been at home a lot lately and it will be nice to get out and about for a few days.

Right then, I am currently watching The Fugitive with Harrison Ford – gawd I love a retro film. I can’t bring myself to call it an “old movie” as to me, these are Black and White!

See you tomorrow!

G x

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