Stressful 4 month ¦ Life Update

Stressful 4 month ¦ Life Update

OK, little re-cap. Until the end of February 2019 I worked for The Prince’s Trust, but after my commute had got ridiculous, I decided to leave for my local NHS Trust, which was 10 minutes away.

8 weeks into the new job, I quickly realised, that it wasn’t for me, and when I say 8 weeks, I mean 2, but I gave it another 6 just to make sure. So I started to look for another and I was lucky enough to find one at Addaction, which is a national addiction and mental health charity. Thrilled!!!

I handed my notice in at the NHS and they told me that despite me only working there for 8 weeks, I would have to work 8 weeks notice. You can imagine my face.

The sad thing is, I think it made me a bit depressed, not clinically maybe, but certainly very very fed up. It’s been soul destroying spending 8 hours, 5 days a week in a job that I seriously haven’t enjoyed. Also, the project I was employed to support hasn’t stopped, so I haven’t had a “quiet” 8 weeks, I’ve still had to attend meetings and deliver training with the same enthusiasm and pace, which to be honest, was much harder than it looked.

It’s been exhausting and I’ve suffered because of it. I’ve become a bit withdrawn from and in social engagements as I have used all my energy during the week pretending to be interested in my job.

Also, in my penultimate week, I found out that if I had stayed, I would have been TUPE’d over to the very NHS trust that I have hated working with. The whole thing has been a massive cluster f*ck.

The sad thing is, is that more recently I have been working solely within my lovely team and if it had been like that at the beginning, then I might not have even looked elsewhere. But I DO have a fab job to go to and have keep in communication during that 8 weeks and I can’t wait to start working for them.

But first, M and I are having a couple of days away in York to fully rest and relax. I can’t wait for that either!

Hope you’ve had a better 8 weeks than me.

Gill x

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