Sun lounger Christmas | Is it Ok?

Sun lounger Christmas | Is it Ok?

I am going to cut to the chase…. yes, it’s perfectly acceptable to have a “sun lounger” Christmas. What do you mean (no-one asks), here’s my thinking. I was supposed to be going to Crete for a week in April, it was cancelled twice, once when Thomas Cook collapsed, and then pandemic. I have had 2 attempts at weekends away this year, one was successful when we were away, but when we got back our lovely Daisy dog was poorly and any relaxation achieved, was instantly wiped out. The second weekend away wasn’t a disaster, but there were too many people in the town we were in and it really wasn’t very relaxing at all.

So this Christmas, M and I have both had 2 weeks off work, which I am treating as our holiday for this year. Festivities were low key for obvious reasons and so much of the Christmas break has been spent “sur le divan”, i.e. on the couch, watching Christmas telly, eating Christmas food and generally doing big bog all. It’s been lovely. I have, on occasion felt had the passing thought “should I be doing something” and I think that even thought I know I am on holiday, I am at home, where I have been for most of 2020 AND home is also where work has been entirely since March. My brain sometimes has trouble compartmentalising.

But here’s the thing, if I was on ACTUAL holiday, on an ACTUAL sun lounger in sunnier climes, then I wouldn’t be thinking “hmmm, shall I nip down to housekeeping, see if they need some help hoovering the bedrooms”. So I honestly think it’s ok for me and my lovely husband to sit and do ‘nowt’. It’s ok not to feel guilty at our inactivity and a sun lounger Christmas is probably exactly what the doctor ordered. We are recharging our batteries and basically just chilling out.

Also, one final thing that has struck a chord with me over Christmas, is something Dawn French said during a YouTube interview with Rob Brydon.

So this chimed with me as I have described myself in the past as a shy show off. My job requires me to have super confident jazz hands and whilst I enjoy it, I find it exhausting. In situations where I don’t know people very well I can definitely chat and be gregarious, but it takes so much effort from me that I sometimes rapidly avoid when my attendance isn’t mandatory. The pandemic has brought out the shyer side of my personality brought about by the enforced isolation. As a kid, my mum used to tell other people, “don’t worry about our Gillian, she’s perfectly happy just watching”. This was mainly because I was too shy to take part and have always been a good watcher/nosy bugger. Anyway, those are the thoughts from my Christmas sun lounger – hope you are all managing to have some time to yourself this Christmas. G x

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