A Traumatic Week with Daisy | Pupdate

If you follow me on social media, you might have seen that I posted earlier this week that Daisy Dog hasn’t been well. Daisy has never been a high energy dog, but when she first arrived she was quite scampy and would run around sometimes. Then in August 2019 we noticed she was drinking loads and she was eventually diagnosed with Cushing disease. She’s been … Continue reading A Traumatic Week with Daisy | Pupdate

Barbecue and Sympathy

So today is, well should be a happy day as our fancy shmanzy barbecue has arrived along with some “stress relief” purchases of a ridiculously expensive cover and grill scraper.  It’s a funny thing that when you are living through a grieving process you feel like either you can’t or shouldn’t be laughing and if you do so involuntarily, you feel guilty. But the simple fact … Continue reading Barbecue and Sympathy